Today’s Tech News, Tuesday, March 21

Microsoft wants open an app store for iOS and Android in 2024. But she needs the EU to apply antitrust law to Google and Apple, and not apply it to her, with the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

New layoffs at Amazon. Another 9,000 employees go to the streets. There are already 27,000 in 2023.

Chapter number 29 of the third season of our CH 2.0 podcast. We talk about ChatGPT-4, xiaomi 13 seriesand the cinematographic news and series.

Technological news

Amazon lays off another 9,000 employees, Twitch is the big hit. read the news

Microsoft plans to launch its mobile game store in 2024… but it needs Activision Blizzard. read the news

Elon Musk announces a new Twitter feature: eye poop emoji for journalists. read the news

The new and great challenges in cybersecurity, according to experts: artificial intelligence, ‘ransomware’ and ‘hacktivism’. Read the report


How to protect an incognito tab in Chrome with your fingerprint. read the tutorial

incognito with fingerprint

These are the seven best cheap Samsung phones that you can buy. Check the list

The cable that saved my life at MWC: the importance of USB-C cables. Read the article

Computers and tablets

The long-awaited RTX 4070 and 4060 cards are leaked. read the news

Windows 11 launches an almost suicidal option: receive updates as soon as possible. read the news

Google Chrome now allows you to disable all extensions with a single click. read the news

panic button

Google Maps is updated with a new feature that you will love if you use the web version. read the news

How and why to update DirectX in Windows. read the tutorial


How to update Instagram to its latest version. read the tutorial

Best alarm and security systems you can buy (and you’ll only pay once). Consult the buying guide.

Ring alarm switchboard

What differences are there between a ceramic hob and an induction hob. Read the walkthrough.

entertainment and gaming

Writers tremble: the last episode of South Park was written by ChatGPT. read the news

Bella Ramsey reveals when season 2 of The Last of Us will premiere, and some news about the plot. read the news

Netflix wants to become a reference game publisher in 2023: announces an Assasin’s Creed, cloud games. read the news

Netflix wants to become a reference game publisher in 2023: these are the new titles it will launch

science and culture

NASA Reveals $180 Million Plan to Destroy the International Space Station. read the news

How many moons does Earth have? The answer is not always a… Read the news

The curiosities of the day

A data center uses the excess heat to heat a public swimming pool, saving 23,000 euros a year for the city council. read the news

This has been the summary of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!

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