The Storm Circuit brings the main amateur esports competition to Granada

The Storm Circuit returns to Andalusian lands with Granada Gaming Tournament. The main amateur structure of Riot Games in Spain will be present at the Granada Gaming Festival, one of the main video game events in Spain. The competition will have two tournaments, both integrated into the Tier 1 category of League of Legends and Valorant. In addition, an online-only tournament will be organized. A total prize pool of €4,500 will be shared between the two competitions and a large number of points can be obtained for the general ranking of the Storm Circuit.

qualifying phases

Granada Gaming Tournament will begin on March 24 with the online phase of the VALORANT tournament and will end on March 26. On the other hand, the League of Legends remote qualifiers will start on March 31 and will last until April 2. Eight teams will come out of this first phase of the competition per title: the two best teams from each game will qualify for the face-to-face edition in Granada.

Face-to-face phases

The stop at the Granada Gaming Festival will feature a qualifying and a Grand Final of both games on April 22 and 23. The qualifier will take place on the first day and the registration limit will be 16 teams, which will face each other until the two finalist teams for each title are known.

The Grand Final will take place on April 23. The two teams classified in the online phase and the other two winners of the face-to-face qualifier will face each other in BO3 format (best of three) until a winner is found. In addition, both the champion and the runner-up of each game will be able to win the €4,500 prize pool that is distributed between both titles as follows:

  • First place: €1,500
  • Second place: €750

online tournament

A LoL and Valorant competition will be held that will be exclusively online on April 8 and 9. The tournament will have a qualifier from which 4 teams will face each other in the final phase. This tournament will serve to obtain points towards the general ranking of the Storm Circuit, but a prize pool will not be distributed.

Granada Gaming Festival is a multidisciplinary event with a program full of content that is held every year at the Fermsa site. Fans can enjoy the best of esports, with amateur competitions such as the Circuito Tormenta, and a space for national video game developers, going through a huge number of experiences related to video games.

Likewise, Granada Gaming Fest will also give its visitors the opportunity to enjoy the TFT LVLUP National Grand Final, the competitive structure of the Teamfight Tactics game in our country, which will be played online. The finalist players will have the necessary technical equipment to fight for the title this season from the event in Granada.
The 2022/23 season of the Storm Circuit is possible thanks to the support of Riot Games, one of the main publishers in the world; from Red Bull; from Intel and Omen, which bring the latest technology and maximum power in PC gaming to competitions; from PcComponentes, the online store that is an expert in technology; from Samsung SSD, which provides the best performance across its storage line; and Chocomel, which provides all the necessary energy and motivation with its irresistible chocolate.

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