The Sims 4 Growing Up as a Family: All Childhood Quirks and Tricks

Thanks to The Sims 4’s “Growing Up as a Family” expansion, we’re going to be able to see our virtual children grow up with lots of personalities from when they’re just babies until they’re reaching adulthood.

And as you well know, raising a baby is not easy, and we can see this in the expansion “growing up as a family” for the sims 4 which, luckily, also has a series of tricks that you can take advantage of.

And besides the tricks What do we have in the sims 4? growing up as a familywe must also understand the issue of childhood peculiarities, which are basically a series of traits that appear in boys and girls when they are babies, but that disappear when they reach older ages.

To understand exactly how all the child quirks work in The Sims 4 growing up as a family, you should know that many of them will appear automatically and others can be avoided, and knowing the description of each of them will make it very easy.


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The Sims 4 Growing Up as a Family: All Childhood Quirks and Tricks

In total we have 18 childhood quirks, and we tell you exactly what each one of them means so that you can provoke or avoid them:

  • A happy spitter, he is prone to spitting while eating due to the development of the digestive system.
  • Good appetite, a baby who likes to eat any kind of food.
  • Gassy, ​​a baby with stomach problems.
  • Frequent sneezing, when a baby sneezes a lot producing more germs in the house.
  • Early riser, when a baby is more likely to wake up at dawn.
  • Feeding whim, can use the bathroom while feeding.
  • Frequent hiccups, a baby who hiccups all the time, which creates more gas.
  • Outdoor urination, the baby can urinate while having a diaper changed, and the parent’s hygiene meter will go down.
  • Picky eater, more difficult to feed different types of food.
  • Messy eater, more likely to get dirty at mealtimes.
  • Wake up time, when the baby wakes up happy in the mornings.
  • Sound lovers, babies appreciate the sounds of music, television and nature.
  • Hates being picked up, is when baby doesn’t like to be picked up and held, and enjoys sitting up.
  • He hates getting up, he usually wakes up angry.
  • Little chatterbox, he is a baby who babbles a lot.
  • Loves to be held, reacts positively when carried.
  • A curled up sleeper, likes to fall asleep when held, but cries constantly when placed in crib.
  • Self-pacifier, when he is in a bad mood, he will try to calm down by putting his fingers and toes in his mouth, especially when he cries.

Any negative peculiarity can end up being resolved but, as we told you, when they get older they lose these peculiarities.

Childhood Quirks Tricks

First you must activate the cheat console, which is done in this way, depending on the platform:

  • On Windows press “control + shift + C” on the keyboard to open the cheat console.
  • If you have a Mac, you should use “command + shift + C”.
  • If you play through PlayStation or Xbox you must press all four triggers (the four L and R) at the same time.

Within the cheat console, enter “testingCheats on” or “testingCheats true” (without the quotes) and then press enter or ok to give yourself the ability to run codes.

Once you have the relevant cheats activated, you need to click on the character while holding Shift to go to the cheat pack, and then you can click on the “growing family” expansion to add or remove a quirk childish.

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