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The mayoress of Segovia, Clara Martinand the ONCE delegate in Castilla y León, ismael perezhave presented this coupon in an act that has taken place in the Casa de la Lectura in Segovia, and in which they have been accompanied by the director of ONCE in Segovia, Claudio Congostothe Councilor for Tourism of the Segovia City Council, Miguel Merinothe vice president of the ONCE Territorial Council, Rodrigo Gonzaloand the Councilor for Social Services of the Segovia City Council, Ana Penalosa.

The Segovia Mint is recognized as one of the oldest and most important samples of industrial architecture in Europe. Built by King Felipe II in 1583, it was the first mechanized mint in Spain, as well as the first that belonged directly to the Crown.

The Real Ingenio de Segovia was an innovative and pioneering mint. The building was designed to house modern machinery, known as “mills”, as well as the different departments of the industrial process.

The new manufacturing system produced coins in a mechanized way and in series, being a precursor in more than 200 years of the modern factories of the industrial revolution. Felipe II would be able to mint coins here in a faster and more perfect way.

This Renaissance technology consisted of a rolling and coining system using mills moved by hydraulic wheels. This technique was invented in Augsburg around 1550, and before it was implemented in Segovia, it was used in various European cities.

The design of this avant-garde factory is due to Juan de Herrera, who carried it out in collaboration with Austrian technicians. The plant was conceived to carry out the entire minting process, from the arrival of the raw metal to the final product, the coin.

The Royal Mint is located outside the walls of the fortified city, in the Eresma Valley, next to the Monastery of Santa María del Parral, and with magnificent views of the Alcázar. At the beginning of the 17th century, the architect Francisco de Mora reformed the foundry, replacing the wooden ceilings with brick vaults.

In the first half of the 18th century, profound changes arrived, introducing in 1771 the coinage with a wheel or rocker. The building is reformed under the direction of the royal architect Francisco Sabatini, who builds a new building for the flyers, replaces the wooden channel with a stone one and carries out other improvement works. Fernando VII would carry out the last great work on the building in 1829, the monumental door in neoclassical style.

The ONCE Daily Coupon puts at stake a prize of 500,000 euros for the number plus the series, and 49 prizes of 35,000 euros for the five figures of the winning number. In addition: 450 prizes of 250 euros for the first four figures and another 450 prizes for the last four; 9,000 prizes of 25 euros in the case of the last three or first three; and the same for the first and last two (6 euros), and a refund of 2 euros to the first or last number of the winning number.

ONCE coupons are sold by the Organization’s more than 19,000 vendors. In addition, they can be purchased from www.juegosonce.esThe ONCE coupon is disseminated by the Royal Mint of Segovia(a new window will open)and in authorized collaborating establishments.

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