The Nexus League semifinals serve justice

The Nexus League has begun its playoffs for the second Split of the year. The six best teams have started a period in which there are no longer valid errors and whoever has the best dynamics will be able to call themselves champion and accompany ECORP in the pantheon of heroes of this 2023.

The quarterfinals have already left the first obstacles along the way and that is ECORP and Magna Esports have not managed to stand up to BIS and Stormbringers, respectively, leaving the customs pass to be taken by them with greater or lesser fortune.

Stormbringers closes their pass to the semifinals on the fast track

The stormy ones opened the afternoon together with Magna Esports with a 2-0 in which they used the first map to give a masterful stomp and the second to get hot in a face-to-face duel.

Despite the fact that teamfights they will end up equaling, the quintet of Indr4 marked the tempos thanks to a Stick Boy with the Zeri who tortured the bot lane at pleasure. The shooter was a roller who couldn’t get the hang of it. shut down and that the more minutes that passed, the stronger it became.

Besides the draft de la Fiora, Sejuani, Taliyah and Alistair accompanied very much in tune that the ADC that directed the team’s strategy was looking for.

On the other hand, though Indr4 was not very successful at the time of taking the kills, he was Zeri’s best friend being the best assistant in the game even ahead of Make.

In a matter of 25 minutes, Summoner’s Rift was completely devastated and the stormy ones made it 1-0 on the scoreboard.

For the pass to the semifinals they had to suffer more. Magna resisted and stood on the toplane with an aggressive game of TEMPAH. His Kled was tearing his Zion to shreds. Rubenxico and a Viego that did not present serious problems for Magna’s toplaner or for stargazer with the Gragas.

However, where the sauce was put was in the bottom lane where Niño Palo returned to take center stage with Ezrealdoing and undoing what he wanted.

With everything distributed and an ACE that seemed to decide the game for Magna before the eyes of the hextech dragon that added to the counter of those of marcv1they were preparing to enter the base of the storm storms, but in a fight through the top lane, part of the damage of the ACE was returned, going for the Nashor and with him putting the final nail in Magna’s coffin regretting having lost a golden opportunity to put the tie and solve the mess.

The armadillos steal the crown from the agents

At the end of the day, we had to go through the decider. BIS eliminated ECORP from the playoffs after having known how to find the weaknesses of the agents who have not had the best of splits.

The first map was closed by the armadillos in 33 minutes with total control of the jungle in terms of objectives and having known dive the streets from the very beginning.

The give and take of teamfights It was even, but the ones that were doing the most damage were used to precisely take over the objectives that gave them the advantage in the game.

With control of the Rift, BIS put the first point in which Joangi’s Jinx was a torment when it came to stopping it.

In response, ECORP did not sit idly by and the fights were what most invited us to think that the agents could turn this around.

The Viego de Naau nailed the rotations and he could be seen everywhere. Both in eliminations and in assists, the jungler was recorded as the best of the entire game.

Hunter, nae and Venom took advantage of this situation as they went feeding every time the ruined king appeared at his side.

In almost 30 minutes, ECORP put the tables on the scoreboard and lived the first decider of the Split.

Finally, another match in which the teamfights were not superfluous closed the series with the central block of the team being decisive.

Drowning naau, nae and Venom, BIS raised its strategy around Tikyl, Nox and Yoangi pushing and rushing any corner of the map.

The more damage they were doing, the more the game leaned in their favor. On the contrary, the agents did not materialize good plays and a Leona and a Syndra that suffered the most damage were (largely) a drag on the team.

Thus, the 2-1 that gave victory to the armadillos was imposed and that is still a performance that responds well to the team’s narrative this season.

In this way we can already say which four teams will be in the semifinals of the Nexus League Spring Split. Kawaii Kiwis and BIS Esports will stick together on March 27 on the Rift to get a ticket to the final, while Oxygen Valiants and Stormbringers will face off for the same goal on March 28.

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