The FUTboleros team has arrived at Ultimate Team!

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Soccer players like Mason Mount, Ederson, Grealish, among others are part of the new dynamic that FIFA 23 brought out in Ultimate Team.

EA Sports launched the team footballers in Ultimate Team within FIFA 23 and today we will analyze the cards included in this new event and explain how they work and how to obtain their improvements in the game.

The event footballers It is characterized by giving selected players more fun and original dynamic images, improvements in dribbling statistics, skillful movements and traits. During this event we will have daily Squad Building Challenges pertaining to the Premier League and players will get higher ratings and if you complete the “Play in Style” objective you can unlock a FUT Birthday Team 1 Pack available on the 24th of March.

The players confirming the team FUT BALLERS in FIFA 23 are the following:

• Ederson

• Grealish


• Diaz

• Kulusevsky

• Bamford

• Madueke

• Oxlade-Chamberlain

The way in which the Futboleros cards are obtained in FIFA 23 It is by first completing the template creation challenge (SBC) which are relatively cheap and thanks to them we will obtain the base version of these footballers, and, once we have them in our team, we will go to the objectives section to try to complete one by one. one the challenge of each player, and thus obtain the improved version of these cards.

EA Sports launched the FUTboleros team in Ultimate Team within FIFA 23.@EASPORTSFutbol

The letter with the highest average of this event is that of the Brazilian Ederson, the goalkeeper of the Manchester City he has an initial average of 90, which will rise to 91 with his new letter. On the other hand, we have the Englishman Jack Grealish who can go from 88 on average to 90 once we get the improved version of him and has extremely interesting statistics such as his 94 dribbling, 91 passing, 88 pace and 86 shooting .

The Colombian Luis Diaz was also included in this selection and its version FUT BALLER He increased 2 points on average from 86 to 88 with attractive numbers in pace (93), dribbling (92) and shooting (86). Speaking of dynamic images, we have to make a special mention of Oxlade-Chamberlain, who will have an improved version in a training outfit from the Liverpool and a backwards cap, a detail that might seem minor, but, for the Ultimate Team community, they are extremely attractive details.

In general, this new event seems to me a great success on the part of EA Sports mainly for those casual gamers of FIFA 23 They probably don’t have such a competitive team and thanks to this event they can get extremely attractive cards just by completing the SBC’s and fulfilling the objectives requested in that section.

My recommendation is to complete, as far as possible, each and every one of these challenges and objectives because, even if you don’t need any of these cards for your starting XI, they are means that can be very useful with the arrival of new ones. SBC in future events of FIFA 23.

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