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LATAM, March 15, 2022. Starting on March 22, fourteen new champions will arrive in the city of Spatulopolis through the interdimensional rifts. The Void Walkers, Team Infinity, and the malevolent Little Legend, Onewhiskers Ultra Threat, collide in a chaotic convergence that left Spatulapolis…with a System Error!

To learn more, let’s see the detail of the new traits and units:

infinite team

Amid reports of interdimensional rifts and monster attacks, Team Infinity had the foresight to send an undercover agent disguised as a pizza delivery girl to infiltrate Spatulapolis. Their mission: Repair the timeline before it’s too late.

As higher trait proc points are reached, Infinite Gear units from the alternate timeline will gain more max health and more items.

Who return from the future:

  • Lucian: Speed ​​Shot, Level 1 Renegade
  • Pantheon: Tier 1 Heart
  • Sivir: Tier 2 Tyrolean
  • Shen: Defender, Level 3 Hacker
  • Twisted Fate: Duelist, Tier 4 Spellcaster
  • Ezreal: Parallel, Tierfino Tier 5

The new heroes are so new, they come from the future. Choosing which champion to copy will be critical to your success with Infinite Team. With only two on the front line, giving Shen your defensive items can counteract the composition’s weakness from the lack of a front line, and also confuse your opponents who will wonder where two Shen came from.

Of course, no build is complete without a DPS, or maybe two. Team Infinite has two carries: Twisted Fate and Ezreal, which we’ll talk about later. For now, let’s see what’s in store for our card master and time traveler.

Twisted Fate: Duelist, Spellcaster, Tier 4 Infinite Gear

Duel Time!: Twisted Fate draws cards (which increase with star level) and starts drawing a card after each auto attack. After 3 seconds, Twisted Fate casts all drawn cards, dealing damage with each one. The last card he casts is a red card that deals damage to all nearby enemies.

Strategy: Twisted Fate loves offensive stats. A combination of attack speed and ability power will leave your opponent no choice but to surrender.

Place your bets: One of Twisted Fate’s Hero Augments causes your strongest Twisted Fate to grant 1 gold each time it casts its deck of cards. After granting a set amount of gold, Twisted Fate will drop an item component; after that, it will award 1 gold again.

The Voidwalkers may seem intimidating, but in reality they are a group of heroes looking to restore order to the Convergence, and also to find their lost ally Zac.

Recon was an unpopular trait for players to enjoy, but its units were frequently included in popular upgrade compositions. In their case they decided to keep the trait units and modify the trait so that their units can be successful with no upgrade strategies.

With the Monster Attack! mid-set roster change, they focused on changing the primary carries for many traits and splitting some core traits into more customizable teams. That said, let’s see who left and who came to stay.

  • Garen: Defender, Mecha: Tier 4 PRIME
  • Morgana: Threat Level 3
  • Aatrox: ADMIN, Brawler, Level 4 Laser Patrol

There are many more strategies to show off, and that you will be able to demonstrate them in the ranked games.


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