SEGA announces massive update for Sonic Frontiers

It’s been a little over five months since the release of sonic frontiersthe most recent main installment of the blue hedgehog of SEGA that came to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PlayStation 5 and PC. This week the first major content update for Sonic Frontiers will arrive, as it will receive a photo mode, new challenges and a Jukebox with classic themes from the franchise.

The first planned content update for Sonic Frontiers will arrive for free this Wednesday March 22 at 5:00 pm PT / 7:00 pm CDMX and is the first of three planned for 2023. The new content coming to Sonic Frontiers is as follows: A Challenge Mode for those looking for more challenges; a Photo Mode to capture the most memorable moments of our adventure and a Jukebox to listen to classic songs from other Sonic games.

The new Photo mode o Photo Mode that will come to Sonic Frontiers this week is available through the pause menu, and allows us to move the camera freely to take pictures from the position we want. SEGA clarified that Photo Mode will not be available in certain parts of the game, but it can be used during combat, on rails, or while performing aerial tricks.

The new Challenge Mode It will be available to all players who have finished the main Sonic Frontiers campaign, as it will test everything we learned throughout its history. There are 2 main modes within the Challenge Mode: The Cyber ​​Space Challenge, where we will go through seven scenarios of each island competing against the clock; and Battle Rush, where we must defeat enemies, guardians and titans as quickly as possible.

As for the jukebox of Sonic Frontiers, this will feature 53 musical themes that include music from Sonic Frontiers and previous games of the blue hedgehog. Of these songs, 13 will be unlocked automatically after downloading the update. while the other 40 Sound Memories will be scattered on the islands as orange musical notes. You can change the music that plays during your adventure or completely disable the Jukebox from the Options menu, and it will not be available in some parts of the game.

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