Rubiales and the semi-automatic offside: “It was offered to LaLiga from the first moment…”

Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, appeared together with Álvaro Morata and Dani Carvajal, new captains of the National Team, at the presentation of the new agreement between the Federation and the technological brand TCL. After answering several questions about the sponsor’s products, Question Time was opened to the press. The theme that starred in most issues was El Clásico. More specifically, the focus was on the offside signaled by Marco Asensio’s goal that could have been the 1-2 in favor of Real Madrid with a center, precisely, by Dani Carvajal.

“In the end we have to dedicate ourselves to playing. We are not going to go into it because little is offside or not. that’s what the right people are for. If it was considered offside, it is because it was like that. We are not going to doubt the system at any time ”, argued the side before the first question.

In the second question, where they gave him the option of using the semi-automatic offside, Dani Carvajal chose this over the current application of video arbitration. “It seems like a much more reliable system. It has been seen in the Club World Cup or even the Champions League and it seems more objective and faster. It seems that even by two centimeters it is offside. seems more reliable. Anything that is technology to improve decision-making, fluidity in the game is more objective, it is welcome, ”she argued.

Dani Carvajal during the press conferenceMARSHALEFE

Following this response, Luis Rubiales intervened to explain that the semi-automatic offside has already been used in competitions that depend on the RFEF and that it was offered to LaLiga, but that the domestic competition preferred to maintain the current system. “Since there have been three questions along the same lines for Dani (Carvajal), say that in the RFEF both in the Super Cup and in the Cup final, they already use this system. It was offered to LaLiga from the outset and it is the clubs and LaLiga who have to ask us for it. As requested, it will be implemented. It is a question that the clubs have to want. We are delighted. The system is what it is and among all of us we have to strengthen confidence in the system,” said the president.who also asked that the pressure on the referees not be increased.

Continuing with El Clásico and arbitration, Carvajal previously sentenced with confidence in the current system. “We do not doubt the system,” he added. The Real Madrid full-back also answered about the friction with Arnau Tenas and Gavi, with whom he shares concentration, during the game. “Of the friction that there may be, they are more than friction, they are high-tension matches between rivals with very intense matches. Here we are all in the same boat. Already thinking about Norway to surpass them, ”she assured.

Morata already speaks as captain: “It’s incredible”

Álvaro Morata is the new first captain of Spain. The Madrid striker, being the one with the most caps on his resume, shares this responsibility with Dani Carvajal, second in this hierarchy. The international shared his feelings about his first days ‘with the bracelet’. “Is incredible. I’ve been here with Dani since we were two kids. It is a tremendous joy. Not being captain, defending the shirt of my country. Our role now is to help people who are new. There’s a fantastic group and you don’t need a lot of help, but that’s what it’s about. If the people who need something can count on us”, assured the striker.

Álvaro Morata during the presentation of the agreement between the RFEF and TCLMARSHALEFE

Carvajal recalled two veterans who received him at the time, Ramos and Iniesta, and they say that he serves as an example to welcome new ones. “I remember how Iniesta or Ramos welcomed me. Now it’s our turn. I take responsibility with great pride”, added the defender.

Luis Rubiales also ruled on the captaincy. Without revealing practically anything, the president assured that Álvaro Morata led an important solidarity initiative upon returning from the World Cup in Qatar. “Álvaro is first captain. Ramos was there recently, Busquets…. Álvaro led a spectacular solidarity proposal that will not be known. There are gestures that are made that remain anonymous and after the return of the World Cup, some players had some fantastic gestures. The captains we have have had fantastic gestures. It is your turn to investigate, you are going to get little out of Álvaro, yes. He was the one who led this,” she explained.

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