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In this article we introduce ourselves to the world of Roblox, without talking about technicalities or complicated technology, or astronomical numbers of users (although this is a bit) or much of the business it represents (although of course, also a bit, the article is in Forbes)

We want to talk about the social, communication, entertainment and experience impact that this platform is having and the future that we see in it and in others that want to follow in its footsteps (Fortnite, Minecraft, Etc)

Roblox is not necessarily new, the company’s idea arose in 2006, more as a physics simulator than a gaming platform, however its creators seeing that users of this engine were using it to make “games” with the rules of physics and using it for entertainment rather than simulation issues saw the opportunity to build a platform for users focused on the creation and publication of games rather than solutions to physical issues, something like a “Youtube of games” as has been Roblox has been known in recent years where its immense popularity, driven by the pandemic, led it to go public in May 2021.

Knowingly or not, Roblox took advantage of the perfect storm, a historical moment in technology, where tools, PCs, phones and tablets became more and more powerful and cheaper, the internet connection is getting better and better in the world and a new A generation of users was already growing within a digital environment, one step (and a pandemic) away from going virtual.

In the pandemic Roblox became the “virtual place of choice” for an entire generation looking for new ways to connect with their friends without leaving home, traditional social networks were already very limited and incapable of generating a real experience of connection, adventure, challenge and even socialization, organizational and learning. Roblox does allow it and to add to this great proposal, Roblox allows us to generate our own experiences and play them with friends in a 100% virtual and interconnected environment, in the “same way” that YouTube allows you to upload and share your videos.

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Over time (a short time) the large scale of Roblox caught the attention of big brands, digital marketing strategists and the world of videogames who without thinking twice invested large amounts of money in building virtual worlds full of games, messages, challenges and safe coexistence spaces for millions of future consumers, riding the ascending wave of what we know today as the Metaverse and that, in my opinion, Roblox is the only company that has managed to capitalize on that vision (ahem, ajem, Meta, Microsoft, Apple etc)

Today Roblox has more than 60 million daily users, Mexico being the 5th country with the most users of the platform in the world, thousands of games are uploaded to the platform daily, AAA companies and businesses are increasingly taking advantage of this platform and mixing it with Its communication and business strategies have developed concerts on Roblox, fashion shows, premieres, shopping centers for “Digital Fashion” education, entrepreneurship, awareness programs, and much more.

Roblox is a platform with a huge social impact today, and while Microsoft spends $10 billion on AI with no clear idea of ​​its practical use, Apple builds again and again its XR and Meta lenses… sticks with Facebook , Roblox is the company that has capitalized on a new generation and gives us the opportunity to create experiences of all kinds to make our message capture the imagination of millions of users.

Roblox is the narrative of a new generation.

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Gonzalo A Girault Facha / HyperGon / Partner-Business Development for DisanDat




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