Resident Evil 4 Remake will make you not want to play the original

One of the best valued and most successful installments of Resident Evil is the fourth, which originally appeared on the Nintendo GameCube and has had a huge number of ports to other video game consoles. Nevertheless, a remake was already necessary because some of the features of the original title aged a bitso CAPCOM got to work and created a Remake that lived up to the expectations of the followers of this Survival Horror, which fortunately we were given the opportunity to play it, so below We are going to explain whether or not it is worth acquiring it with our review.

Before we begin, it is necessary to warn you that in the article that we prepare there will be no spoilers of the story nor will we delve into certain new aspects of the gameplay in order not to ruin your gaming experience when you buy and play it.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best reinventions that CAPCOM has developed, as Resident Evil 4 Remake maintains the essence of the original, but adds improvements to the quality of life of the video game, adapts to current mechanics, and changes the story with the purpose of improving it and giving prominence to other characters, among which is Luis Sera, a quite popular character among the fandom of these video games that was not well used in the original installment.

if you have played the remakes of the second and third installmentsyou will notice that the reinvention of the fourth borrows elements from its gameplay, although now we can parry, that is, block the attacks of the enemies, with the knife or with a firearm, and we can even crouch on occasions to be able to dodge certain blows. These mechanics replace the quick time events that were in the original version. On this occasion, the knife has a fundamental role in the gameplay, as it allows us to defeat pests without the need to spend bullets with a new stealth mechanic.

Regarding the characters, some received a personality change, Luis Sera being a clear example of this, but, above all, Ashley Graham, who stopped being the annoying damsel in distress to be reckless and a companion who helps Leon S. Kennedy whenever he can. Similarly, her artificial intelligence was improved and we can give her a series of orders to protect her. Of course, she will not have a health bar, so we will not spend our heals every time she is hit, although she will be incapacitated if someone hits her and a second hit will kill her if we don’t get close to her quickly to help her.

The scenarios look more terrifying, since most have little lighting and, as if that were not enough, some are a little longer and new ones were added that were not in the original fourth installment. In turn, you will find secondary missions that will allow you to obtain benefits. For his part, the enemies are quite varied and others were added to this installment that did not exist in the originalbut they look awesome. Despite the fact that the action is still present, we are sure that it will make you experience more terror than the title on which it is inspired.

In general, Resident Evil 4 Remake is a video game superior to the original that does not give us reason to revisit the previous ports, something similar to what happened with the remake of the first Resident Evil that appeared on Nintendo GameCube.

However, not everything is hunky-dory, as there are certain issues that we would have loved to see improved, starting with the performance it has on PlayStation 4. On the fourth console from Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game runs well most of the time. time, though load times are a bit long compared to other system builds and certain textures look a little blurry, so it might be a good idea to get it for more powerful systems. Another aspect that may not be to everyone’s liking is the change in appearance that certain characters experienced.

If you haven’t played the first Resident Evil 4, we invite you to give this remake a try, which you can purchase digitally and physically starting March 24 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Steam.

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