Project Sirius, The Witcher multiplayer game, could have been rebooted

This week, CD Projekt RED informed its investors through a statement that his project called Project Sirius has been the subject of a “re-evaluation”. This means that there is a possibility that the development of the game has been restarted. This title, developed by The Molasses Flood, was described by the company as an essentially multiplayer gaming experience, based on The Witcher universe.

CD Project RED has made a new assessment of the game’s earning potential, which has led to the decision to make an “impairment provision” of around 10 million dollars. Of this amount, around 7.6 million dollars correspond to investments made in 2022, while 2.2 million dollars were spent in January and February 2023.

Although the company did not make it clear how this will affect Project Sirius, there are rumors that the game has been “completely revamped”. CD Projekt RED revealed that it is “creating a new time frame for the project”, which could be, a few years.

The company claimed that its current focus is “aligning Project Sirius with the strategy of CD Projekt Group.” “At this time, we either offer details on the evaluation of the project or its possible future framework,” a CDPR representative said.

The game was announced in October 2022, along with other projects related to The Witcher universe. The company stated that Project Sirius it will feature innovative elements, as well as a strong focus on cooperative multiplayer.

In 2021, the Molasses Flood studio was acquired by CD Projekt RED. It was founded by former employees of Irrational Games, developers of BioShock Infinite, and they currently dedicate approximately 60 employees to the creation of Project Sirius.

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