Preview Fnatic TQ against Movistar Riders: Will decide the botlane

The set of Movistar Riders against Fnatic TQ It will be the last quarterfinal confrontation. The two organizations are improving compared to the regular season and it will be a train wreck. All eyes on a bottom lane where two of the strongest pairs in ERL will face each other.

Fnatic TQ

The orange team faces a quarterfinal after passing over BISONS ECLUB like the herd that failed to be the bison themselves. Despite the changes at the end of the season caused by the slump of the main roster, the British team has improved. The duo of rhuckz and BEAN kept the synergy intact and sven he has shown that he can take on anyone in the top lane.

Rhuckz and BEAN will be the main key to the orange set. In addition to the importance they have for your team, they will have to deal with Alvaro and Supa. The side that wins the laning phase in the bot lane, you will be pushing your own game plan while denying the opponent.

Another of the keys will be the level that you can deploy Nafkelah. Set to be one of the best mid lane players in the future, his journey this divided it has been grey. He will have a trial by fire against another mechanical talent such as fresskowy. The pressure they respectively manage to exert will make the job of their junglers much easier.

Finally, sven could be the ace up the sleeve for Fnatic TQ. Due to the level shown in the series against the Basques, above all an opponent like Myrwncould be the secret weapon against Movistar Riders. Marky It has been the weak point of Madrid throughout the season. Especially if he manages to capture the attention of the opposing jungler and make it easier for the rest of his teammates to work.

Movistar Riders

After the last tie, it seems that the Riders team is gradually getting closer to what was expected of them at the beginning of the season. They are followed choking the matches at the end of the line phase, which offers windows to the rival to return to the game. They must again show an improvement compared to their last confrontation to knock down Fnatic TQ.

The main key could not be other than the duo in the bottom lane. Alvaro and Supa they face a bot lane with a lot of seniority and quite a clutch. They know what it is to win and have more experience in decisive matches at Bo5. In addition, due to the style of the two support players, it promises very volatile matchups that will go completely on the first mistake.

The other key will be without a doubt fresskowy. The Pole has increased his level at the key moment of the season. After being the MVP against Barça eSports, It could be the axis of the game for the people of Madrid, some map looking to surprise Fnatic TQ. In addition, the player’s ease of using physical damage champions in the mid lane, offers more flexibility in the draft and offers more options to Melzhet.

Playoff draw after the confrontation between Rebels Gaming and Team Heretics.

Where to see the Fnatic TQ against Movistar Riders?

The confrontation, which will take place on Tuesday March 21 at 6:00 p.m., can be followed through the Twitch channel of the LVP itself. The duration will depend on the results since these round of 16 will be the best of five maps.

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