Netflix plans to release more than 40 video games in 2023

At the end of 2021 Netflix launched its Netflix Games service free for all its subscribers and since then we have seen the arrival of several video games in its catalogue, in addition to the fact that the company has acquired its own developer studios and has some exclusive video games. This is only the beginning, as it has been revealed that Netflix plans to launch more than 40 video games in this 2023 and is developing more than 70.

Netflix’s goal is to become a world-class publisher in the video game industry, delivering experiences that can be played by its millions of subscribers around the world, Netflix’s vice president of external games Leanne Loombe said in a recent interview with Axios.

As reported by Stephen Totilo for Axios Gaming, Netflix intends to continue working with both independent developers and large publishers in addition to Ubisoft. To date, Netflix has released 55 video games in its catalog and these include indie and Ubisoft titles, as well as spin-offs of Netflix TV shows.

According to the report, Netflix has 70 video games in development by external studios and another 16 made by their own teams, of which some were acquired and many others were founded by themselves. Although there are more than 80 video games in development for Netflix, more than 40 are expected to be published this year, so subscribers will have access to a huge catalog by the end of 2023.

Some of the most acclaimed games that we find in the Netflix Games catalog are Immortality, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenger and Into the Beach, so if you subscribe to the streaming service and don’t mind playing on your cell phone, you can take advantage of this alternative to enjoy some very fun video games. In addition, it is already confirmed that Terra Nil will arrive at Netflix Games from its launch next Tuesday, March 28.

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