Lishigamin is Pakunoda in Hunter x Hunter cosplay

During autumn of last year, new chapters of the manga of Hunter x Hunter and three of them were flashbacks that showed the origins of the Spider, one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world. For this reason we decided to share the excellent cosplay of Pakunoda what did you do Lishigaminbecause it is so good that no Hunter x Hunter fan should miss it.

Last year, 10 chapters of the Hunter x Hunter manga were published that will be part of its Volume 38 later, but now it’s time to wait while we go through another Hiatus. The previous hiatus was the longest to date and we don’t know how long this one will last, so we bring you a Pakunoda cosplay that helps us keep up with the wait for more Hunter x Hunter content.

Lishigamin is about to turn three years cosplaying and in that time he’s done about a dozen different cosplays, with Pakunoda’s being the only one to come from the Hunter x Hunter anime and manga. Still, it’s clear that Lishigamin is a fan of Yoshihiro Togashi’s work, as he has cosplayed Pakunoda on at least two different occasions and you can check out one of them below.

This month marks two years since Lishigamin first posted a Pakunoda cosplay on her social media, though back then she transformed into this Gen’ei Ryodan member in reddish lighting. In November of last year we saw Lishigamin in a new Pakunoda cosplay that shows her as she looked in the Hunter x Hunter anime and manga, showing how she would look in a live-action adaptation.

Although Lishigamin only posted a photo of her Pakunoda cosplay in November, that was enough to make it the best cosplay this Hunter x Hunter character has ever done, a statement that anime and manga fans will not be able to deny. It’s been a while since Lishigamin posted that photo, so we hope it won’t be too long before she cosplays Pakunoda again.

Meanwhile Yoshihiro Togashi has already confirmed that Hunter x Hunter is not cancelled, since he has already finished working on chapter #401 and has been advancing the following ones. We don’t know when the Hunter x Hunter manga will return, but we hope that Lishigamin will pay another tribute to the work before his return, since Pakunoda’s cosplay was excellent on him.

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