LEC Matchday 5 summary: Fnatic get their first win

LEC Matchday 5 Fnatic's first victory

That day so awaited by many fans arrived, Fnatic added their first victory in the spring season. The League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) he continues to give action without end and he did it with a day that the word chaotic falls short of. Day 5 of the LEC began hand in hand with games with throws anthological and it closed amazingly. Fnatic materialized their first victory in the spring LEC, while koi continued their rise with a win against SK Gaming. Finally, Sunday closed with the outstanding duel between Vitality and G2where the samurai took the outstanding clash and cut the unbeaten record of a Vitality that shares the lead with Team BDS.

This is how the positions remain in the LEC after the end of Matchday 5, with Vitality and BDS being the leaders of the season / Via: LEC

Team BDS vs. Astralis: Fall of the LEC Crimson Star

The second day of the second week of the LEC begins and it does so with a tough game to analyze. The terror of the analysts was the protagonist of the duel between Team BDS and Astralis, being chaos the perfect condiment of the meeting. The game was absolutely controlled by Astralis with a Doğukan Balcı «113» impeccable in Read without. However, errors appeared and Team BDS turned an impossible game around.

Team BDS victory over a hextech dragon soul Astralis. Team BDS worked the miracle by taking the elder dragon against an Astralis with problems to group. He Aatrox of Adam Maanane began to be unstoppable and the game slipped into the hands of the Danish team. The crimson star falls and loses an unusual game giving away the improvements of elder dragon and Baron Nashor for mistakes. However, one should not detract from BDSwho came back with a Adam and a Juš Marusič «crownie» fantastic in team fights.

Team BDS materializes the 4-1 and surprises at this point with rising in the standings. On the other hand, Astralis disappoint this week and go from a good start to a 23 with errors that are reminiscent of old moments of the team.

EXCEL Esports vs. MAD Lions: From throws goes day 5 of LEC

Despite his disastrous defeat, Astralis receives the good news that he is not the only one to throw away a victory. mad lions wins the title of ‘MAD Liaditas‘ with a dubious match against EXCEL Esports. The set of lions falls defeated before EXCEL who takes an important victory sponsored by the bad work of MAD Lions and the good work of Andrei Pascu «Odoamne«.

One thing does not take away the other, although MAD Lions made many mistakes, there was a lot of credit to Odoamne in EXCEL’s victory. The British organization achieved its second victory of the season and did so with a Odoamne who clearly asserts himself as the star of the team. He toplaner Romanian was unstoppable with the Zion and it was a huge headache for a MAD Lions that can’t take firm steps.

Team Heretics vs. Fnatic: The first one comes on the right track

It was long overdue but it’s finally here. Calm comes to Fnatic and illusions recover after the team materializes its first victory in the LEC of spring. Fnatic defeats Team Heretics and scores their first point in favor in this regular season. the orange squad juice, liked and won to give sensations that they can turn the season around.

Although the keys of the black&orange they were in a drastic change of game and compositions, the step forward of some players was vital. Oscar Munoz «oscarinin“Martin Larsson”Rekkles» and Marek Brazda «Humanoid»They excelled in the match and carried out multiple fights. Especially Rekkles who managed to prevail in the shooter’s duel against Jakob Kepple «jackspektra“, being the Xayah of the Swedish shooter the key in team fights. The new face of Fnatic not only promises new victories, but can also invite hope that the team will turn the season around and set much higher goals.

SK Gaming vs. KOI: Carp Unstoppable Streak

The weekend turns more and more purple, KOI continues to win and with a level that is too exciting. The tents got their second victory so far this week and they did it against an SK Gaming that aims to be a direct rival in this LEC. koi continues with an ascending level thanks to the return of the best Markos Stamkopoulos «comp«. The Greek shooter once again stands out with a Kai’Sa impeccable and gives KOI a more than important victory.

The Ibai Llanos team wins again and so far this week It already aims to take off towards the high positions. Another who showed off a lot in the tents was Emil Larsson «larsen» who fulfilled with excellence in the choice of Lissandra. Hunting seems to do him good koi and the individual level of comp It is to such a point that the purple team can continue betting on compositions where the shooter shines. by the side of SK, the news is not so good. The German team add their second loss and the week seems like a nightmare, yes, against very tough teams.

G2 Esports vs. Team Vitality: G2 Takes the LEC Matchup of the Week

Incredible game to close Matchday 5 and a Sunday with a lot of action. Team Vitality and G2 Esports They uncovered and gave us a game of madness. Was G2 Esports the resulting winner of the duel against the Vitality team. The samurai send a strong message to the LEC, they are here to keep reigning and they show it by defeating the current leader. Vitality loses its unbeaten record against a G2 that was very serious and managed to close with certainty.

Hits were back on track as G2 looks to win. Rasmus Winther”Caps» and Martin Sundelin «yike» become Vitality’s worst nightmare and give her the first loss on their scoreboard to Vitality. The samurai managed to impose their great mechanics and connection to win the important game. G2 gets up after the defeat against KOI and as always, step up when needed.

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