LEC: Excel will play Abbedagge instead of Vetheo for week 3

Pending the final week of the LEC, Excel will undergo roster changes with Abbedagge taking over for Vetheo.

The British organization does not find the results and will make changes to its League of Legends squad. This Tuesday, excel esports officially announced the promotion of Abbedagge to starting midlaner, replacing the young Vetheo, heading into Week 3 of the LEC. Currently, the team is in the last position with only 2 victories in 6 games.

With the arrival of the new format of the LEC, the Regular Season now has a single wheel and three weeks define the classification. For some teams, this means very little time to solve the problems that they demonstrate in the games. For this reason, it is quite normal that we have seen changes in various rosters in relation to the Winter Split. In this case, the change of Excel Esports occurs in the preview of the last week, where Abbedagge will enter through Vetheo. “As a team, we recognize that we need to make adjustments to ensure our best version for the important weekend ahead,” the British organization wrote.

Prior to announcing the entry of Abbedagge, Excel referred to Vetheo’s health issues, which could be interpreted as the reason for the change. However, everything became a bit confusing when the French player spoke about it on his Twitter account. «I was depressed since the Winter Split and I don’t know how to improve if I don’t win. I think it’s time to take care of myself a little »he began. “However, I have to say that I would have liked to finish the Split at least and it is not my decision not to play. My health is goodSo don’t worry,” he clarified. In this way, the difference in the statements generated repercussions in the networks.

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Definitely, It is clear that Abbedagge’s entry is a purely sporting matter. Given Fnatic’s sudden level up, the Excel ranking is in jeopardy and the team can’t find the results. With a week of competition to go, the British organization ranks last with a 2-4, the same line as Fnatic, MAD Lions and KOI.

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