How to level up fast and gain easy EXP (METHODS)

As usual in the series, devil 4 offers many different options when it comes to level up of your characters. It is important to know all methods at your fingertips for gain experiencein such a way that you will know how to maximize the obtaining of EXP in your game to quickly climb to the maximum levels and unlock all the playable functions of the title.

Of course, as part of our guidein this entry you will find the best tips and methods for level up to your Diablo 4 character in the shortest time possible. Put into practice all of the following to do this:

Choose the highest world level

It first thing to keep in mind to gain more experience with your character is the world level in your game, as this directly influences the amount of experience you gain playing. At higher levels the monsters you kill will grant much more experience (and loot rewards), such as on the “Torment” difficulty (level 4), where you receive 200% more experience for killing demons.

  • Initially the highest world level you can choose with a new character is level 2 “Veteran”.
  • In this level the monsters give 20% more experience compared to level 1, where there is no EXP bonus.

Logically increasing the world level makes the game be much more difficult and challenging, but in compensation you will gain more EXP for your character. It’s all a matter of risk/reward What should you consider if it’s worth it?

Play cooperatively

Playing Diablo 4 cooperatively has a special rewardand that is that players can get more experience by playing in groups.

  • The players who they are close from other players will receive a 5% increase of EXP (it is not necessary to be in a group).
  • The players who are part of the same group they will get a 10% more of EXP.

It is important to note that these experience bonuses are activate for all activities that report EXPso playing in a group is definitely something that pays off a lot if you’re looking to level up fast in Diablo 4.

Complete main missions

A pretty obvious method to level up in Diablo 4 is complete the main missions of the Bell. There are many campaign missions available and you can tackle them in any order you prefer. Most of these missions grant a large amount of EXP for your character, although they are also longer than the rest of the missions.

Do side activities and events

Apart from the main missions, Diablo 4 also has a lots of side activities and local events due to its extensive open world that will give you more ways to earn EXP for your character. The good news in this regard is that most side activities and events are usually short-lived and they don’t require a lot of time or effort, so they’re a quick way to rack up a lot of experience.

Some better sources of EXP in the open world are as follows

  • Complete side quests, which will be given to you different NPCs talking to them (You will recognize them by the blue question mark on the map view).
  • Host local events appear randomly around the world with a colored cone orange.
  • Clean the areas of the powerful. They are marked on your map with the symbol of a red skull and they are like fortresses full of enemies.
  • To complete dungeons. they carry around 10 to 15 minutes and they also give you unique aspects for your power codex.

Claim Renowned Rewards

Together with the previous advice, we have to talk to you about renown system available in Diablo 4. This system is similar to a reputation of your character in the different regions of the world and can be consulted from the map view.

You can increase the reputation of an area of ​​the world completing optional activities how are you:

All these activities will gradually increase your renown and when you reach certain renowned goals you can claim special rewards as EXP bonuses for your character that will give you a boost to your current level (although some rewards can only be claimed at certain world levels).

Kill, kill and finish off demons

Killing enemies is a source of EXP more in Diablo 4 that should not be forgotten (we could say that these are almost the main source of experience in the game). Although of course it is not recommended to go out looking for demons, I know it is It is advisable to eliminate all the enemies that you come across while doing missions and activities that give you experience.

It should be noted that the higher the level of the enemies, the more EXP they will drop on you when they die In this way, if your level is the same as that of the enemies, the experience received will be “normal”. If, on the contrary, the enemies are below your levelyou will receive one reduced experience by killing them. But, if the enemies are above your level, you can receive up to 15 or 30 additional points experience for each monster, so it always pays off to force this bonus while you can still kill them without dying trying.

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