How to create a clan or join one?

We explain the steps to follow to create a clan in Diablo 4 or how to join an existing one. Find out how to manage your own and customize it.

The clans are one of the most popular multiplayer features in the series Deviland how could it be otherwise, in devil 4 they are available again. If you like join your friends forming a clan or playing with other users with the same interests, then surely you will want to know how to create or join clans. In this entry of our guide we show you All the details related.

How to join a clan?

Can join a clan in Diablo 4 from the very beginning of the game. There is no no requirement beyond being admitted within the clan created by the leader player of the same.

To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Open the game menu while you are in game.
  • Access the tab “Clan”.
  • Choose the option on the left, the one on “Join a Clan”.

  • On the next screen you can choose search criteria of clans by clicking on “Search clans”.
  • Enter the parameters type of the clan you want to join, and then hit “Look for”.

  • Next will appear a list of available clans.

You can browse the information of all the clans that appear on the list and request to join the one you like the most. You must bear in mind that a player can only be in one clan at a time. And you can only have up to 5 requests of active union These will be stored in the “Invitations and Requests” tab.

How to create your own clan and customize it?

If you like create your own clan in Diablo 4 to manage it and invite your friends then you can do it From the first moment of a new game.

For this follow this steps:

  • Open the game menu while you are in game.
  • Access the tab “Clan”.
  • Choose the option on the right “Create Clan”.

  • On the next screen you will have to enter the data of your clan (only the clan name and tag are required).
  • To the finish After entering clan details select “Create Clan”.

The game will then congratulate you on creating your clan. You will be informed that the its visibility is set to public by default, but you can change this and other details by selecting “modify clan settings”. If for whatever reason you do not modify these settings now, remember that you can do it whenever you want through the “Manage Clan” button in the sight of your clan.

Among other things, if you decide to manage the details of the clan, you will be able to change the parameters such as language, interest categories or daily message and clan description. In addition, you can also leave the clan or dissolve it if you want to delete it. Of course you can also manage permissions of the different members of the clan.

Customize the clan crest

Finally, if you want modify the appearance of the shield or heraldry of your clan, you can also do it through the “Manage clan” tab.

  • Access this section and go to the “Heraldry” section.
  • Here you can choose the shapehe patternhe embroidery and the border from the base of your shield.
  • You can also choose the symbol that appears drawn on the shield and the colors or tints.
  • When you finish customizing your heraldry remember to press the “Confirm” button to save the changes.

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