His impression with Busquets, the quality of Vinicius… Nico Williams gets ‘wet’ during the FIFA break


Nico Williams, one of the most promising footballers of Spain and of the Athletic Club, has appeared in front of the microphones of the magazine ‘The Club of the Sportsman’ in an interview where spoke of his present sportive in Bilbao, of his feelings with Sergio Busquets in the selection and his opinion about Vinicius Júnior.

The attacker went in on the list of summoned by Luis de la Fuente for the first parties of qualification for the Eurocopa 2024 in front of Norway and Georgia and do not doubt in speaking of his present sportive. “I have improved with regard to the past year. For example, physically I see me much stronger, before did not hold 90′ minutes”affirmed.

Admiration by Busquets and Vinicius

Also it took advantage of the opportunity for ‘wet’ on several footballers with which he has confronted in LaLiga. The first of them was Busquets, with the one who had the opportunity to share during the World-wide of Qatar and also confront him on multiple occasions with the elastic of the Barça. “It impressed me a lot by this capacity that has to read the game and the first touch that it does to play to a whole team”sentenced Nico.

On the same line, it followed suit with Vinicius when being a forward with the one who shares several characteristics by his form to play so much in Brazil as inside the Spanish football. “It seems to me a very unbalancing player and that has a big one against one. It can be determinant, is a big player”aimed the navarro.

Nico wants to play the final of Glass

Finally, it finalized leaving on the table his aspirations to reach the final of Glass of Rey, where you have marked the half of his so many this season. “We are to a step to be in the final of the Glass, that carry a lot of years without being able to achieve it. And it is the ambition and the illusion of all the fans of the Athletic and ours, of course. I had not realized# realized me, but a lot of mates have told me that the majority of goals that carry with the first team are in Glass. That it follow like this”, it concluded the extreme of the Athletic.

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