Guide to round 2 of the European women’s sub-17: Sweden, Spain, England and Poland, classified | Girls under-17

Round 2 of the UEFA European Women’s Under-17 Championship will run until 30 March, with Sweden, Spain, England and Poland the first of seven teams to join hosts Estonia in the finals on 14 to May 26. Promotion and relegation between the leagues is also at stake.

The composition of the two leagues was decided in round 1, in the autumn. Estonia participated in round 2, although they had secured a place in the finals as the host country.

League A is made up of 28 teams, including the seven promoted from League B. The first seven in the group will qualify for the final phase. The fourth-placed teams will be relegated to League B for round 1 of 2023/24.

The 20 teams from League B, including those relegated from League A in the autumn, are competing for promotion.



Group A1 (completed)
Qualified for the finals: Poland
Remaining in League A: Romania*, Czechia
Go to League B: Estonia (host of the final phase)

Group A2 (completed)Qualified for the finals: England
Remaining in League A: Belgium, Norway
Go to League B: Croatia*

Group A3 (March 23-29): Germany (reigning champion), Portugal*, Hungary, North Macedonia

Group A4 (March 9-15): Switzerland, Slovenia*, Austria, Slovakia

Group A5 (March 23-29): Republic of Ireland, France*, Italy, Kosovo

Group A6 (completed)Qualified for the final phase: Spain
Remaining in League A: Denmark, Belarus
Move to League B: Serbia*

Group A7 (completed)
Qualified for the finals: Sweden
Also still in League A: Netherlands*, Finland
Go to League B: Wales

*Group hostess

  • The first seven in the group qualify for the final phase together with Estonia, the hosts.
  • The teams that finish fourth in each group will be relegated to League B for round 1 of 2023/24.
  • Sweden have qualified for the first time since they were runners-up in 2012/13, the last four-team finals.
  • Poland qualify for the second time since beating Sweden in the 2012/13 final, having also qualified in 2017/18.
  • England will play its ninth final tournament.
  • Four-time champions, runners-up last season and FIFA U-17 World Cup champions for the second time in a row, Spain have already qualified for 12 of the 14 editions, and nine in a row.
  • Germany beat Spain in the 2021/22 final to win their eighth title in the past 13 editions.
  • Along with Germany, the other teams that have been champions in the past are Spain (four titles) and Poland (one title).
  • France beat Italy 4-2 in round 1
  • Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia are bidding to join Estonia in their debut in a final tournament.

B League

The League B draw

The League B drawUefa

Group B1 (March 24-30): Greece, Faroe Islands, Lithuania*, Moldova

Group B2 (March 22-28): Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Montenegro

Group B3 (completed)
Promotion to League A: Scotland*
Second group: Israel
Also in group: Georgia

Group B4 (completed)
Promotion to League A: Iceland
Second group: Luxembourg
Also in the group: Albania*

Group B5 (March 24-30): Northern Ireland, Turkey*, Armenia

Group B6 (full)
Promoted to League A: Ukraine
Second classified: Bulgaria*
Also in group: Latvia

*Group hosts

  • The first in the group, and the second highest ranked with the best record against the first and third in their group, will be promoted to League A for round 1 of 2023/24.
How the leagues were formed after round 1


First group in Round 1: Czechia (Group A1), Spain (A2), Republic of Ireland (A3), Switzerland (A4), Germany (A5, defending champions), England (A6), Netherlands (A7)

Second group in Round 1: Norway (A1), Poland (A2), Finland (A3), France (A4), Slovenia (A5), Denmark (A6), Portugal (A7)

Third group in Round 1: Hungary (A1), Belgium (A2), Austria (A3), Italy (A4), Serbia (A5), Estonia (A6, host of the finals), Sweden (A7)

Promoted from League B: Belarus, Croatia, Kosovo (best second), North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Wales

B League

Relegated from League A: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Ukraine

Second group in Round 2: Luxembourg (B1), Faroe Islands (B3), Latvia (B4), Israel (B5), Kazakhstan (B6)

Third group in Round 2: Armenia (B1), Albania (B2), Bulgaria (B3), Azerbaijan (B4), Montenegro (B5), Lithuania (B6)

Quarterfinals in Round 2: Georgia (B1), Moldova (B2)

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