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Welcome to our Diablo 4 Guide! We have had to wait a little over ten years, but at last Blizzard has developed a new sequel of his saga Action-RPG par excellence, available for PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The demon slayers are back and the burning hell opens before us once again!

This fourth installment is scheduled for premiere next June 6 all over the world, but before that we players can get a taste of Sanctuary thanks to the open beta. In this guide we will address advice of all kinds, tricks, and resolution of common doubts (among many other things) before the official release of the game. Of course, when the time comes, we will continue to expand the guide with more contents of the final version.

  • Note: This guide is temporarily based on the beta version of the game and may contain sections under construction (after the final release of Diablo 4 we will continue to expand its contents).

All about the open beta

At the time of writing these lines, Diablo 4 it has not been released yet in its final version, but Blizzard has open beta scheduled so that everyone can experience the first few hours of the game. Logically, this beta has a limited duration and certain playable restrictions.

If you like know everything about the betasuch as what are its availability dates, what platforms can it be played on, what characters or features are active, then feel free to contact us. visit this article that we have prepared with The 10 keys you should know before participating in the beta.

characters and classes

Diablo 4 has, as is tradition in the franchise, several character classes different so that the players choose their favorite and can kill demons as they like by Sanctuary. On this occasion the fourth installment will have the next 5 classes:

  • Barbarian: bestial in melee and very balanced.
  • Druid: shapeshifters skilled in the use of magic.
  • Sorceress: elemental damage generators and area control.
  • Naughty: high mobility stealthy assassins and wide variety of combos.
  • Necromancer: summoners capable of resurrecting corpses to fight for them.

Of course, in our guide you can get to know each main class in depththeir skill trees, unique talents, advantages and disadvantages…

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Yeah you’ve just arrived to Diablo 4 for the first time or to the Blizzard saga, then surely you will be interested in discovering the best tips and tricks for beginners of this section of the guide. In addition to explain several fundamental keys To start your game on the right foot, here you will find secrets and recommendations of all kinds useful for your first hours in Sanctuary. Do not hesitate to take a look at these sections:

Interactive map

He open world of Diablo 4 is the longest in the franchise to date. For these reasons we want to show you an invaluable interactive map in which you can see all points of interest; main regions, events, bosses, chests and much more… Practically any activity of the world that is relevant will be accepted in this section.

  • Fast travel: We explain how to use the transporter portals and where they are.
  • Lilith altars: Discover the location of these statures around the world.


For some time now, the Diablo saga has greatly enhanced its multiplayer facet and, in this sense, Diablo 4 seems to be the game that is going to give the most importance to this feature to date in the series (since it even acquires MMO overtones). You ask yourself how the online PvP mode works? Do you want to know if there is split screen to play in local cooperative? All this and much more is explained in this section:

Frequent questions

In this last section of the guide we collect the frequently asked questions from Diablo 4 and any other questions or concerns that may be on your mind throughout your experience as you make your way through Sanctuary:

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