Google’s game to create virtual clay sculptures

With the use of technology and 3D simulation, Google has developed interactive games to entertain people of all ages interested in learning. The “3D Pottery” platform It was designed by the company to make it easier for people to arouse their curiosity to learn about the art of sculpture in different expressions throughout the history of mankind.

With this game, the people who access it must meet a series of challenges to pass the different levels. They will all consist of sculpt with 3D clay a wide variety of vessels from different eras. There is no timer, so each person can take as long as they want to create their own personalized version and paint it in their preferred style. Even if the final result is not exactly close to the Google benchmark, each level can be repeated as many times as desired.

To access this game, users must enter the website of the Google Arts and Culture section, “” and write the name of the game: “3D Pottery”, in the resource search engine located at the top right on a button with a magnifying glass icon. Then you must press the “Play” button to start the game.

At the start of each match, users will have only one starting option to draw from to create a 3D clay pot. Although there are six designs in total, each one belonging to a culture and time of humanity, these are unlocked as the user progresses through the game. However, it can be seen that some of the rest correspond to the Inca culture, in ancient Peru, and another dedicated to some of the Mesoamerican cultures located in North America.

To start creating, you must click on the “Recreate this pot” button. This will take people to a new screen where the simulated version of a 3D pot will be displayed, which will be the one to imitate.

All games start with a ball of clay that will rotate as if it were placed on a pottery sculpting wheel and an arrow-shaped cursor will be located on it. The direction in which it points will be the one that the sculpting process will follow, so first the basic shape of a planter must be created on which various modifications will be made before giving it the desired shape.

Unlike a real clay sculpting process, the working material does not run out, so if the desired shape begins to present different characteristics, the sculpting process can be started again. Since there is no timer, the game does not put pressure on the users, who can concentrate only on producing their part with patience.

After completing the process and having the vessel either with its own style or based on the model, the next step will be to place the handle(s) depending on the model you have and the preference of the player.

Finally, paint will be added to the simulated pot before proceeding to “dry” the clay into ceramic. With this, the process will be complete and the level of resemblance that the final result has with the model presented will be indicated.

At the bottom of the screen, Google will also offer a collection of data related to the culture to which the original vessel belongs together with a map that will indicate the exact place where it was found, in addition to the use it was given in a moment in history

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