God of War: How to get the armor of Zeus – God of War (2018)

Possibly, it is the most powerful in the entire game, but be very careful, because it has a ‘hatch’.

God of War was an extremely drastic change for the franchise, modifying many of its gameplay mechanics and adding an RPG twist to them. Thus, the 2018 title presents a huge variety of armorbut today we will focus only on what is possibly the most powerful: the zeus armor. we will explain how can you get it and above all what should you take into account when using it, since it is not armor to use for everyone.

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God of War’s Best Armor (2018)

There is no doubt that the zeus armor It is one of the best in the entire game, if not the best (if you know how to get its full potential, of course). To achieve it we are going to have to defeat, one by one, the toughest bosses of the entire title: the feared Valkyries.

You will need to defeat the Valkyries on the highest difficulty to get the armor.

And it is not worth doing it on easy difficulty, in fact, quite the opposite: you will have to defeat them on the difficulty ‘I want God of War’. If you were looking for a real challenge, you have certainly found it. This difficulty mode is not only limited to increasing the damage that the various enemies are capable of inflicting, but can also add new attack patterns.

Apart from the challenge itself, as you defeat the Valkyries, you will progressively acquire all the parts of Zeus’s armor. But this presents an important dilemma: will increase exponentially the damage that Kratos is capable of causing, but also the damage you take. The enemies will do more damage to you than they would normally, so you must learn their attack patterns very well to dodge at the right moment and receive as few hits as possible, as they could be deadly.

In return, Kratos will also see his offensive capacity much increased. That is why, at the beginning of this entry, we have stressed that it is not a suit of armor for everyone, but it is undoubtedly the best of the whole game if you have managed to master it and you are not afraid to take risks.

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