Gamer shows collection of games from cereal boxes

Thanks to old-school publicity tactics, one gamer has found a classic collection of games that you acquired through promotions of cereal boxesunearthing a huge variety of retro titles.

For those who lived through the heyday of sugary cereal and cartoons, toy and game promotions found on cereal boxes were the norm at the time.

Over the years, companies and developers have found creative and unorthodox ways to promote their games and products, like the weird soda-themed hero known as Pepsiman, who was created to promote a Pepsi-inspired video game.

These special promotions still continue through food and drink, but it was much more common in the ’90s and early ’00s to find surprise game items in one’s cereal box or a collector’s item to accompany a fast food order. .

Over the years, it’s easy to forget that ads like these even existed, but every once in a while someone digs up a nostalgic memory of just how far gaming has come in the last two decades.

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Now, a reddit user known as MathiasThomasII shared a photo of the surprising bounty he found that contained a variety of vintage games that he collected by buying cereal boxes.

The PC game collection contains titles like Space Invaders and Missile Command. Over the years, it’s inevitable that some players will discover old sets when they least expect it, but it must come as a big surprise to those lucky enough to come across great memories.

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