First participants of Permadeaz Chapter 2

There are only a few days left for the start of the second chapter of the series organized by Silithur and some of its guests have begun to be confirmed. We tell you which are the Permadeaz participants that have already been confirmed.

Confirmed the first participants of Permadeaz

Although Illojuan and el Bokeron already leaked that they were going to be in the series, there has not yet been an official communication. On the other hand, and after some headaches, the streamer creator of the series has made the first announcement of participants through a tweet. Mr. Amilcar, Giantv, BaityBait and Yuste They are the first confirmed to be in Chapter 2, but it is not the only thing we have learned with the tweet.

One of the doubts that existed was whether the participants from last year would return considering that their characters had died. We remember that Silithur wants to carry out a series different from the rest that takes place on the golden platform As its own name indicates, the objective of the series is that the deaths are permanent. This means that once killed, Permadeaz participants will be kicked off the server.

It was already confirmed that the winners of Chapter 1 would return, something that Silithur himself had confirmed in the series finale last year. Based on the lore, those who got the pass to escape are still alive. In fact, some who did not get a pass had the opportunity to hide in a bunker. The objective was to be able to withstand the air attack. that would end the zombies: spoiler, gone wrong.

Given the the four confirmed already attended last yearIt remains to be seen if different characters will have to be made or the series will not explore the role beyond the management staff. Among those confirmed, both Yuste and Baity are known for their content on information from the world of the internet and video games. While Sr.Amilcar and GianTV are known for their Minecraft content, skills that will come in handy for the all-important build in Project Zomboid. The announcement of the four creators at the same time makes us wonder if the four of them will team up, or has it been a coincidence.

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