Fan art shows Android 18 in a bunny suit

We often see how the fandom finds ways to honor their favorite IPs, bringing their characters to life in the form of cosplay or fan artswhether from movies, video games or anime/manga, they stand out, as is the case with this daring fan art of the android 18 of Dragon Ball Zby the genius @elite_nappa.

It cannot be denied that the anime and manga series, Dragon Ball, and its sequels, are still as popular as the first day they came to light, at least in Latin America, where the fandom continues to love the adventures of Goku and his friends to this day. That is why the great artist @elite_nappa does not continue to delight with his creations, like the fan art of the beautiful Android 18 that you will see today.

This time, the notorious artist, @elite_nappa, surprises us with a beautiful Dragon Ball Z fan art inspired by the beautiful Android 18, although with a rather flirtatious twist, since we can see her wearing an unusual outfit, it is about a bunny suit, also known as a “bunny suit”, and it seems to suit her quite well.

No doubt, lucky Krillin will be more than happy with this result, and we can even see him in the background, with a face that pretty much says everything there is to know about his reaction, and who can judge? The bunny outfit certainly suits Android 18 very well, as this fan art demonstrates.

We have already seen tributes to Android 18 by @elite_nappa on other occasions, but without a doubt, this new fan art will delight any fan of the franchise, and those who don’t too, since the result overflows with quality on all sides, just like as the artist has accustomed us. And proof of this are the comments from his followers who do nothing but praise her work.

We can only recommend that you take a tour of his social networks so that you can continue appreciating all the incredible fan arts that he dedicates to Dragon Ball, you will undoubtedly love them. While you’re there, consider leaving a well-deserved like to show your support for the artist.

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