Character Skill Tree Explanation (Abilities)

He skill tree of devil 4also known as the “Faculties” of the characters, is the system by which each player can define your style of play depending on the class you have chosen when starting a new game. As in any A-RPG game, in Diablo 4 knowing how the skill tree works is important for the progress of the adventure and the development of your build.

In this entry of our guide we are going to explain how the renewed system of skills and talents works from Diablo 4. Here you will find detailed information to learn how to invest your skill points and more.

Explanation of skill groups

In Diablo 4 each character has a unique skill tree to unlock as you level up. Every time you go up a level gain a skill point to invest in the tree, however, keep in mind that you will not be able to acquire all the available skills, so you will have to decide which ones you prioritize and are interested in learning.

The skill tree is also divided into 7 groups or categories of skills, and these groups are unlocked in a certain order according to your investment of skill points.

The 7 skill groups of the tree are as follows:

  • Basic skills: they are available to learn from the start and represent your basic attacks (they deal low damage and require no mana or resources).
  • Basic skills: Available after 2 skill points have been spent, they represent abilities that consume mana or resources and deal more damage than basic attacks.
  • Defensive Skills: They are available after you have spent 6 skill points and represent moves that help defend against danger or mitigate damage.
  • Unique Class Skills: They are available after spending 11 skill points and serve to improve the effectiveness of your class and further differentiate it from the rest.
  • Mastery Skills: They are available after spending 16 skill points and serve to amplify your mastery of weapons and skills, improving their effectiveness and damage.
  • Ultimate Abilities: they are available after spending 23 skill points and represent the most powerful and special abilities for your character.
  • Ultimate Passive Skills: they are available after spending 33 skill points and will serve to finish defining your character (but you can only choose one).

It should be noted that you are not required to acquire skills from any group specifically (except the basic). You can skip groups and decide to buy skills from others if you want.

Skill Types

The Diablo 4 skill tree can be a bit intimidating or confusing at first for players new to the genre. To help you understand it better, here we explain different types of skills that you can acquire or learn so that you can easily recognize them by their cones:

  • Active Skills: are the nodes that have a square shape. These abilities must be activated manually in order to use them. They can be improved up to 5 times in total.
  • Skill Upgrades: They are the small diamond-shaped nodes that are next to the active skills and serve precisely to add improvements or special characteristics to them.
  • Passive Skills: are the nodes in the shape of a circle. These abilities do not need to be activated manually but once learned they add a permanent buff or effect on your character.

Active Skill Slots

In Diablo 4 you can equip up to 6 active skills on hot keys or buttons. By default these slots fill up as you gain new types of skills, but you can customize skill mapping as you prefer from the skill tree menu.

The first slot is available from the beginning of the game, while the others are unlocked at later levels, remaining all available from level 7 of character.

How to reset spent skill points?

In case you wonder, yes, it is possible to reset the skill tree and recover all the skill points you have invested in your character to buy back the skills in the order you prefer or change your build. However, this has a price to pay in gold.

  • You can reset your skill tree free up to level 7 of character.
  • Starting at level 7, each new level will increase the cost of the reset in gold coins.
  • Therefore, the more level you have, the more gold it will cost you reset the skill tree.

If you want to completely reset the skill tree, you can press the “Refund All” button that appears at the bottom of the screen in the skill tree view. Or, if you prefer, you can stand on top of a skill you’ve already bought and recover the skill point of only that particular one.

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