A streamer’s meat is burned and the firefighters arrive

A streamer German of twitch accidentally alerted the fire department after burn a fillet of meat who was cooking

This occurred during a recent Trymacs broadcast, in which many of his viewers witnessed the incident in real time.

Trymacs became famous for his Twitch challenges, such as surviving in the icy clutches of Finland, which he streams to his more than 3.3 million followers. The last challenge he participated in was the “NoFood Challenge”, in which he and other German online personalities challenged themselves not to eat anything from March 11 to 18, also doing mini-challenges to make it more difficult.

The event was broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and thousands of viewers witnessed how the participants survived the week without eating anything.

For one of the mini-challenges, Trymacs invited some friends over to cook to try and tempt him and the other contestants into eating something. One of them decided to grill meat, but accidentally burned it, causing the smoke alarm to go off, alerting the fire brigade.

Twitch: A streamer’s flesh is burned and the firefighters arrive

Trymacs showed the moment in which fire trucks and an ambulance were heading to the building in which they were. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and they were able to talk to the fire department to defuse the situation.

Despite the incident, Trymacs was able to continue broadcasting for another 17 hours. The “NoFood” challenge streams also seem to be a hit with viewers around the world.

According to Streams Charts data, Trymacs built an audience of more than 1.04 million people during the week-long challenge, and also gained more than 29,000 new followers on Twitch.

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