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LATAM, March 15, 2023. Today you will be able to learn about the changes that two designers comment on, as well as the goals they have set for the update of Yuumi, a magical cat that has won the hearts of the community in the years since its announcement, do you remember what you were doing when Yuumi was announced? ? Many people were enjoying the changes that League of Legends brought that year, from aspects of Battle Academy, to aspects to consider of Clash, without a doubt that it was a great year in which Yuumi arrived.

But after months of work, they have sought to have a healthier champion for the game and avoid the immense frustration that seeing her in the opponent lane can generate, since something important to remember will always be the “Players first” philosophy in the which game experiences they will always seek to give them the best possible moment.

The objectives that marked the update of Yuumi are:

  • Provide a positive experience for players playing a MOBA for the first time
  • Emphasize Yuumi’s unique ability as a powerful defensive enchanter who focuses on a single target
  • Maintain Yuumi’s well-known immunity by creating other counterattack opportunities
  • Limit Yuumi’s presence in professional matches by shortening less obvious optimization results

Regarding his abilities, we will review below in detail what the Devs team has declared:

Passive: Feline Friendship

The first big change for Yuumi is her passive, renamed Feline Friendship (P), which splits into a healing percentage and the new Best Friend mechanic. In the past, Speed ​​Up! Yuumi’s (E) was the source of her healing and the enchantress’ main fantasy.

With healing as her most frequent result, that meant Yuumi could refill her allies’ health bars while out of combat, forcing us to raise the mana cost and cooldown for her old E. Now, we inverted the results when giving a shield to Accelerate! (E) and by only granting healing when she’s in combat with champions (and for her ult which we’ll talk about later). This should preserve her power to defend her allies, but will limit her ability to keep her allies permanently in the fight by healing them.

The other part of Yuumi’s passive is about getting a best friend.

Every time Yuumi helps the ally she’s attached to kill enemies or minions, she will begin to bond (represented on Yuumi’s life bar and her Best Friend’s feet). Whoever has the strongest bond with Yuumi will empower her abilities when she is attached to that champion. Naturally, when playing a match, Yuumi will buff her lane partner and get the best exponential results, as most of her buffs are great for ranged auto-attackers.

Q – Stalking Projectile

In her previous version, if the ally Yuumi was attached to was shot away, it was easy to get in close and hit the enemy with a well-targeted slowing ability with almost 100% accuracy, which is very difficult to balance. If it dealt damage, it would spawn an AP Yuumi carry, which was very risky due to its immunity. If it slowed down too much, it was also an equally risky form of targeted crowd control. This meant that we had to adjust the consistency of the spell.

The new spell will still have a short mouse control duration, but will then quickly shoot off into the distance… much like a cat chasing laser light. With a lower hit rate, this should allow us to achieve more exciting results with the spell when it comes to nurturing, healing, and granting other buffs without Yuumi dominating coordinated play.

W: You and me!

In keeping with the idea of ​​balancing the power that Yuumi can display while untargetable, the Me and You! (W) also has some minor changes. They found that giving large amounts of reciprocal offensive stats on an immunity spell meant that gaining power with Yuumi felt impossible and made any character a scaling powerhouse.

Next, we have the ability with the perfect name, speed up! (AND). As with her passive, swapping out her primary defensive spell for a shield introduces a healthier pattern that allows Yuumi players to show off their mastery of dodging and emergency saves.

Adding a little incentive for her to share mana outside of combat or just help her laner clear a wave was a way to add a little special activity for Yuumi while she’s with her allies.

A: Last Pages

Removed root and replaced it with the ability to heal allies. This makes the spell much better when cast towards the front lines of a fight, where it hits allies and enemies, but much worse if Yuumi is chasing a single enemy while she’s attached to a fighter. Similar to Stalking Projectile, Yuumi’s ult will now also follow her mouse, to heal those pesky teammates that won’t let themselves be helped (or to slow enemies that try to escape).

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