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LATAM, March 15, 2023. A string of changes were announced after the arrival of Gekko, whose impact has been extremely interesting as it has been possible to live on networks.

Gekko will see an improvement in the Spike plant, as well as when deactivating that item, since he can now aim at higher places.

It will also have improvements in its special effects that will be interesting to enjoy your gaming experience around the orbs or the recovery of a blood cell, for example.

Something very interesting to see will be the arrival of the Performance Updates, since the “CPU to GPU Wait Time” metric has now been added to the performance settings so that gamers can know when their computers are tied to graphics processing. .

Some aspects of the gameplay systems have been worked on, in these you will still see a maximum of 15 profiles and a couple of bugs have been fixed, especially the one that prevented taking damage when crouching during long abilities.

In addition, some bugs that affected some social issues within the game and agents have been fixed.

Discover all the details in full below:

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