UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter – Analysis (Review)

If you want to achieve a totally stable connection without any delay in your peripherals with a Bluetooh connection, now you can achieve it thanks to UGREEN. Through the UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter you can have a low latency connection, which will offer you the best possible experience. Do not hesitate to read our analysis in which we detail all its features!


The adapter has the advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology high perfomance. Thanks to the new generation of UGREEN, the adapter is much more stable, farther range and faster speed. all this is possible thanks to its ATS2851 chipthe most advanced currently with profiles A2DP, HSP, AVRCP, HID, PAN, GAVDP, DID, IOPT. In addition, it also has BLE support, for a low power connectionwhich improves the battery life of connected devices.

Offering the best benefits is always essential for UGREEN and it can be appreciated with the coverage in the UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adaptersince it is capable of having a transmission without barriers with a distance up to 20 meters. Highlight its maximum transfer rate of up to 2 meters with a delay time of less than 250 ms. Additionally, the dongle will be able to automatically connect with paired devices without the need to pair them again.

He UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter supports connecting up to 7 different devices Bluetooth at the same time without affecting each other, such as mobile phone, PS5, PS4, Xbox One S, Xbox Series controller, headset, speaker, keyboard, mouse, etc. Clarify that Bluetooth audio devices can be connected multiple at the same time, but only 1 bluetooth device output can be supported to play sound.

UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter - Review


As usual, we will talk about the content of the packaging and what we are going to find inside it.

This time it is a completely white packaging and without many details. On the front we can find the name of the product and an aerial view of the product. Instead, on the back it is intended to display technical specifications and information about the company.

The inside of the box contains the UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter along with the user guide and documentation.


About its design we can say little, since it is a very simple product, which its small size is very common in Bluetooth adapters or other dongles. In general, it only has the USB-A connection next to a small piece of plastic to cover the ATS2851 chip.

Its small size can be seen in its dimensions of ‎9.8 x 9.8 x 1.7 centimeters and a weight of 20 grams. Note that on the front it has an LED indicator to know if it is on.


You no longer have an excuse for having one of the best Bluetooth adapters on the market, since through its Bluetooth 5.3 connection It will allow you to connect your devices without any loss of signal and with a reliable connection. Besides, you can connect up to seven devices totally different, all with a single dongle.

I also have to highlight its easy installation, without the need for drivers because it is a plug & play device. all in one very compact design to not bother with unnecessary cables and still offering up to 20 meter range of connection.

In conclusion, the UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter is recommended and receives the gold medal for its stable, far and fast connection with up to seven simultaneous devices at the same time and even with low power consumption support.

Finally, thank UGREEN for giving us a unit of UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter.

UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter


UGREEN Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter for PC, USB Bluetooth Range up to 20m, Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/7, Mini Portable Bluetooth Adapter PC for Headphones, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, PS5 Controller.

🟩 What I liked! 👍

Connection via Bluetooth 5.3

Support with low energy consumption (BLE)

High performance with connection of up to 7 devices

Plug & Play, no drivers required

Range up to 20 meters

compact design

🟥 I didn’t like it! 👎

nothing to object

🔥 Best deals 🔥

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