This is the strict and millionaire regime of a CEO to shorten his biological age to 18 years

The phrase “money can do anything” is true in the life of Byran Johnson, billionaire and CEO of Kernel, a company that can monitor and record brain activity. And it is that the 45-year-old businessman, from a strict rejuvenation regime of several million euros a year, tries to shorten his biological age.

This is evidenced by a recent Fortune publication, in which Johnson describes the rigid medical interventions he has received that, to this day, “give him a heart health of a 37 year old manthe skin of a 28-year-old person and the lung capacity of an 18-inch youth.

In the interview, the technology CEO explains that he “wants to live a long time to enjoy more of what life has to offer”, from a rejuvenation regime that has a value of 2 million euros per year.

Bet on medicine and technology

“I love life”, argues Johnson, who from his medical interventions could “dramatically demonstrate that the aging can be slowed down and reversedit would change everything for the human race,” says his medical team.

“Am I afraid of dying? No.”, he adds. A few years ago, Johnson notes that he learned to fly an airplane and received his license to fly from it. “He surprised me how well the plane flew on autopilot,” he says. “I was wondering if I could build an autopilot for me and my body“. To do this, he has opted for medicine and technology.

strict routine

His intense search to shorten his biological age led him to adhere to a strict approach with the goal of reversing aging with the help of a team of 30 people, from nutritionists to MRI specialists, the publication notes.

He undergoes daily body fat scans, routine MRIs, and often invasive tests of blood and stool samples pTo see the biological age of your organs.

The 100 daily protocols

It has 100 different protocols built in its day, says the businessman. Johnson consumes exactly 1,977 calories a day and more than 70 pounds of vegetables a month.

His breakfast is a standard mix of broccoli, cauliflower, black lentils, mushrooms, garlic, and ginger, followed by a meal of nut pudding, and finally a meal of vegetables and seeds (along with 15 grams of 100% dark chocolate and 30 milliliters of extra virgin olive oil).

The CEO admits that he finished with his usual glasses of red wine a day to meet the metrics.

Waking up at 4:30 each morning, Johnson completes 35 different exercises and takes a list of supplements. It has all been part of his ‘Blueprint Project’, where he measures the health of his organs to determine your rate of aging. He says that he plans to continue this regimen forever.

Guinea pig

The outlet explains that the “data and effect” that his efforts have on his biological age they are “preliminary”.

While aging and longevity experts find Johnson’s commitment “fascinating,” they say raises a “concern” given the level of discipline and money required to maintain the routinenot to mention the “limited science” available to support their choices.

In many ways, it’s “a walking experiment,” Dan Buettner, longevity expert and founder of Blue Zones LLC, previously told Fortune. He adds that it’s still “worth paying attention to,” although the results within a decade will be more fruitful.

Along these lines, the CEO doesn’t mind being the “guinea pig.” “Let’s play an infinite game together,” he says. “None of this comes from fear; it all comes from an absolute joy for life and the belief that there are majestic things that await us in our next evolution,” he says.

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