the Municipality of Córdoba inaugurated its second Tecnoteca CREA > Municipality of Córdoba

  • It is a place for the development of proposals and experiences of production and learning through art, science, communication and technology.
  • It is equipped with notebooks, 3D printer, cameras, microphones, among others.
  • It is located in the South Educational Park of B° Congreso.

The Municipality of Córdoba, through the Directorate of Educational Parks of the Ministry of Education, inaugurated the second Municipal Tecnoteca Crea “Resource Centers for Experimentation and Action”, in an act headed by Vice Mayor Daniel Passerini.

The new space is located in the South Educational Park of B° Congreso. Tecnoteca CREA is a place for the development of proposals and production and learning experiences through art, science, communication and technology.

“We make the second Tecnoteca CREA available to everyone in this community. An educational, innovative space that has science, technology, art. This Tecnoteca gives volume to the imagination and gives wings to education. As we say with Martín Llaryora: We also build the future in Córdoba from the parks with the Tecnotecas CREA” said the vice mayor, Daniel Passerini.

The project seeks to reduce the digital gap and provide quality training with the intention of preparing the people of Cordoba to face the challenges of the present and thinking about the future.

The Tecnoteca is made up of three stations: “360° Station”, a circular environment for collective work and collaboration; “Estación Rec”, for carrying out sound and audiovisual projects, with an audiovisual recording set and a sound and video island; and the “Gamer and Microcine Station”, aimed at developing virtual audiovisual entertainment experiences, equipped with a video game console, HD-4K television, headphones and microphones for online gaming.

The Secretary of Education, Horacio Ferreyra stated, “This space invites us to create, investigate, discover, explore and do things with technology. The objective of the Tecnotecas project is to promote interaction and collaboration with the intention of producing new knowledge and knowledge, generating more and better opportunities for our girls, boys, adolescents, youth and adults”.

For her part, the director of Educational Parks, María Eugenia Rotondi, stated “Tecnoteca CREA is a project for the community to take ownership of everything that works here, so that they can use it, learn and experiment, putting creative thinking and digital skills into action”.

Also present at the opening ceremony were the Secretary of Education, Horacio Ferreyra; the Undersecretary of Education, María María José Viola; the General Director of Administration and Resources Marcelo Nacif; the deputy director of the South Educational Park Adrián Vitali; the Director of the Socio-environmental Management Area of ​​the Córdoba Obras y Servicios entity, Miguel Magnasco; and leaders of social organizations in the southern area of ​​the city.

To access more information about the TECNOTECAS Program, access here.

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