The mayor announces the construction of a new children’s play area in Seville East and improvement works on five streets in the neighborhood with a joint investment of more than 300,000 euros after the commitments made with neighbors and merchants in the area of ​​Emilio Lemos

The Seville City Council, through the Urban Planning and Environment Management in coordination with the Este-Alcosa-Torreblanca District, is going to imminently start the construction of a new children’s play area in Este Sevilla, as well as improvement works of asphalt on the roads of five streets. These investments have a bidding budget of more than 300,000 euros and respond to the commitment made by the mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz, during the meetings held with residents and merchants in the Avenida Emilio Lemos area and the surrounding neighborhoods. .

“This is an important investment that involves the construction of a new children’s play area in this area and the improvement of five tracks, as we were able to advance to the neighbors and merchants in a meeting in which we also analyzed other investments that have been carried out in Seville East in recent years and the reinforcement of public transport to connect the area with the planned start-up of the Tranvibús”, explained the mayor of Seville.

Thus, on the one hand, the City Council is going to start a project for the management and provision of children’s games that has a budget of 204,698 euros. This area will be located in a free space between Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan streets.


This free space is surrounded by a residential area, so it is a population made up mostly of young families with minors. In addition to taking this circumstance into account, the project has also contemplated that this new children’s play area complies with current regulations and, above all, be inclusive, inviting all children with different abilities to play together, since the games Inclusive play allows children to connect with each other in a positive way, relieves feelings of stress, stimulates creative thinking and exploration, builds confidence, and allows children to enjoy the pleasure and benefits of play.

The project provides for the management of this free space by arranging two spaces where the game elements will be located. These spaces are emerging along two pedestrian paths that run diagonally through each sector of green surface, with a gently curved layout and looking diagonally towards the center of the plot to exit towards Hong Kong street.

These pedestrian paths are going to be arranged through paved walkways of stamped concrete, leading to the surfaces that, in a circular way, contain the different game elements, which even have an extension of the paved surface with the same characteristics, to have elements Rest.

One of the two playgrounds that will be carried out in this project, will be aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 15 and will be located on the east-facing side of the green area next to Vietnam Street. This area will be fully equipped with game elements, all inclusive and with perimeter fencing.

The other side of the green zone, next to Pakistan street, will be ordered with a path similar to the previous one in a gentle curve that goes towards a circular space executed with a concrete floor where game elements will be arranged painted on the floor replacing existing games.

In addition to the paving of the two pedestrian paths and the adjoining areas, the project also includes the safety paving of the playground, made up of artificial grass and a shock-absorbing base of hermetic and draining polyethylene particles. The synthetic grass will be antistatic in various colors forming drawings.

Regarding the children’s areas, one of them will have adapted children’s play elements, with one combined and adapted for motor and mental disabilities aimed at ages between 5 and 12 years, where up to 22 children can play. It has several playful functions: sliding, finding, visual stimulation and climbing.

It is a climbing structure in the shape of a sensory butterfly, formed by a framework of ropes in the shape of a funnel arranged inside an undulating steel structure to which various elements are intertwined, such as two ‘s’-shaped ladders, a membrane made of EPDM as a seat, three optical panels and a steel slide. The perimeter structure is made up of a galvanized and painted steel tube. The mesh is resolved with coiled galvanized steel cables covered with polyamide thread. The connecting elements will be made of stainless steel and nylon bushings.

It also has a jumping game adapted for motor, sensory and mental disabilities. For ages between 4 and 15 years. The element located at ground level is protected by a rounded edge and allows wheelchair access. It also exerts a calming effect on hyperactive and autistic children.

Other planned games include a double slide, adapted for motor, sensory and mental disabilities and for ages between 2 and 10 years, where several children can be found. Formed by a resolved hill with rubber paving, which is accessed by climbing through climbing dams reaching a double width slide for 2 users, allowing interactions between users.

The second of the children’s areas will have a colored concrete floor on which there will be 5 games drawn on the ground. These will be intended for different ages.

To delimit the area of ​​game elements, multicolored galvanized steel railings will be installed and completed with an indicative sign, as required by current regulations. The two play spaces will be complemented with the construction of curved prefabricated reinforced concrete benches, the placement of an armchair with a backrest and armrests and provision of litter bins. The installation of public lighting in each of the children’s areas is also contemplated, which will be carried out under the paved path.


Regarding the other investment that is going to be carried out progressively in Seville East for the improvement of the roads of five streets, the works have a bidding budget of 106,308 euros and will begin in some cases throughout this same week.

The streets in which these works will be carried out, within the framework of the contract for maintenance, repair, replacement and improvement of roads and public spaces are Juan Pérez de Pineda (33,267.90 euros), Cycling (16,455.65 euros ), Reactor (15,024.46 euros), Flor de Azalea (28,533.25) and Taegu (13,027.33 euros).

As the mayor of Seville analyzed in the aforementioned meeting held with residents and merchants, these actions add to the municipal investments undertaken in recent years in this area. Among these, the improvements of roads have stood out, such as in the streets of Manila, Indonesia or Japan; the new enclosure of the Alcosa Market space; the new Children’s Park in Japón street; the expansion of the IMD Sendai Sports Center facilities, with a new state-of-the-art artificial turf soccer field, a sports field, new lighting towers, changing rooms and automated irrigation; the conditioning of the medians by Emilio Lemos; or the change of streetlight luminaires for LED technology, among other actions.

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