the game that can run on any electronic device, now in a vape

We can affirm that in the world of video games there is a certainty: the ability to run DOOM on virtually any digital device.

The last great feat was accomplished by the incredible gaming community dedicated to running DOOM anywhere, and this time it was achieved in a vapeYes, in an electronic cigarette.

We could say that DOOM is the most accessible game in the world, since tens or thousands of players have shown that we can run it on many different devices, in addition to the classic console and PC options. We can even say that it has become a subculture among the players in its community.

There is even a subreddit created in 2016 with almost 100,000 where users show what crazy device or object they managed to run the id Software game on. We leave you a list with some of the most interesting:

On a Game and Watch:

Instead of using a mouse and keyboard or a joystick, this person I use an old phone as controller:

It is also possible to make it run on a USB adapter:

But without a doubt, I think the user who managed to run DOOM on a pregnancy test is the most incredible:

Clearly, there are no limits when it comes to running DOOM on different electronic devices. If you have a screen, you can run DOOM just fine.

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