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you are ready to play for the first time to devil 4? The latest installment to date in Blizzard’s A-RPG saga is a complete return to the roots of the franchise that also offers substantial news and changes for all fans. Undoubtedly, there is much to explore and do in this installment, and surely the newcomers have a lot of doubts.

Yeah you are a beginner in the series Devil and you want start off on the right foot your game, in this post our guide let’s gather some of the best tips and fundamental keys to start playing Diablo 4. Check out these tips to know the most important details when starting a new game.

Choose your class according to your play style

like in every game Devilin Diablo 4 the players must choose a character class when starting a new game. In this installment we have up to 5 different classes and each has different sets of unique abilities.

In case you don’t know, each class is defined towards a style of play different. These are the main qualities of each class:

  • Barbarian: characters with a lot of brute force that fight in close combat.
  • Druid: skilled wizards who can shapeshift and summon help from animals.
  • Sorceress: masters of elements such as cold, fire or lightning that control crowds.
  • Naughty: Agile, versatile, and resourceful, they perform combos and imbue weapons with magic.
  • Necromancer: summoners of armies of the dead with a wide command of the arsenal.

Choosing one character or another should be a matter of taste. Don’t worry too much about whether one is superior to another. They all have advantages and disadvantages, so your choice will depend on how you want to play.

For many, the most accessible option is always the Barbarian class (especially if you are a beginner), since he is a very balanced and easy to play character who has a raw strength great for newbies. Meanwhile, classes like Rogue or Necromancer they tend to be more complex for beginners.

choose your difficulty

After you have selected your character, Diablo 4 will offer you choose a difficulty for your game At first you can choose between these two:

  • World Level 1 – Adventurer: For players who are playing the series for the first time.
  • World Tier 2 – Veteran: For players who want a bigger challenge.

Of course, if you have no idea how the Diablo saga works, you We recommend choosing the Adventurer level. He is the one who puts the easiest thingsalthough on the contrary you will not enjoy some bonuses such as obtaining more experience for killing demons.

In any case, the difficulty can be changed at any time of the game on the world level statues or on the character select screen of the main menu. It should be mentioned that these they are not the only levels available, there are still more superior ones. So if you have a lot of experience playing video games and feel confident, maybe you could choose to start at Veteran. If the matter is complicated for you, you can always lower the difficulty later.

Learn how the skill tree works

As we pointed out above, each character in Diablo 4 has your own skill tree. This tree is divided into several groups or sets of skills that are progressively unlocked:

  • Basic skills: They are your basic attacks, deal low damage, and require no mana or resources.
  • Basic skills: abilities that consume mana or resources and deal more damage than basic attacks.
  • Defensive Skills: moves that help defend against danger or mitigate damage.
  • Unique Class Skills: they improve the effectiveness of your class to further differentiate it from the rest.
  • Mastery Skills: they amplify your mastery of weapons and abilities, improving their effectiveness and damage.
  • Ultimate Abilities: they are the most powerful and special for your character.
  • Ultimate Passive Skills: you can only choose one and help to finish defining your character.

You should know that your character can carry equipped up to 6 skills at the same timealthough initially the slots for them will be blocked. As you go up your first levels, these slots are unlocked, leaving all of them available. from level 7.

of course with each new level that you increase your character, you will get a skill point to invest in the skill you want. You can learn all the skills if you put your mind to it, but the most sensible thing to do is focus on just a few determined. That is, it is advisable to learn alone one skill from each set and power it up to make it more effective.

skills have multiple synergies with each other and there’s a lot of depth in this regard to customizing your character’s build. We could spend hours talking about it, but to summarize, we recommend that you learn a core skill of your character as each set becomes available and along the way unlock some passive skills and buy upgrades.

Prioritize your team’s DPS

In Diablo 4 you’re going to get lots of items different during your adventures. All items to equip on your character, that is, weapons and pieces of clothing or armor, you have different attribute stats. However, in general terms and in order not to overwhelm you, we advise you to always pay attention to the ‘DPS’ attribute.

  • The ‘DPS’ stat is the most important of the game because define the damage What do you produce with your weapon?
  • so, the higher the ‘DPS’, more damage you perform enemies.
  • If you get a new weapon that produces more ‘DPS’ than the one you currently carry, you should equip it as soon as possible.
  • In general, this is used to practically all your game.

Even beyond the oddities of the items you get, it is almost always more worthwhile prioritize the ‘DPS’ before the rarity of the item. That is, if you have a legendary weapon equipped, but you get a blue quality weapon that produces more ‘DPS’, we recommend that you you replace it for which you carry right now.

Eye, this it doesn’t always have to be that waysince there are more stats that come into play and sometimes some rare weapons or special pieces of equipment grant you bonuses and unique abilities that they compensate your buildbut at least in your early hours From the beginning, you can take this into account to progress and feel that your character is becoming more powerful.

play the campaign

Naturally, the main attraction of Diablo 4 is its narrative campaign. For many it is the most interesting part of the game. In this installment the main missions have a nonlinear developmentthat is to say, that you can decide to complete them practically in the order that you want.

  • The campaign is divided into different acts and after finishing the prologue you can venture in the direction you prefer.
  • The zones of the world they level up as you progress through the campaignas well as the rewards you earn.
  • Focusing on the campaign is a great way to raise your levels and unlock world regions.
  • In addition, advancing in the main missions will allow unlock multiple featuressuch as access to horses.

You will recognize the icon of the main missions easily on the map because of its yellow color. You can also display the ongoing missions section on the map screen to Follow up those that are currently available.

Explore the world and do side quests and events

Just as we recommend you to focus on the main missions, we also want to clarify that the open world of Diablo 4 is full of activities to complete that are optionalbut also much needed to upgrade your character.

  • The side missions (marked in blue) are quite worth it, as they will reward you with additional experience for your hero and crafting materials.
  • The local events (marked orange) are timed events that are randomly generated and can be completed in just a few minutes.
  • The dungeons propose challenges to gain experience, gold and equipment, in addition to legendary skins for your power codex.
  • The powerful they are fortified places with a large number of enemies that can be conquered.

Significantly, all of these optional content will increase your renown level. Renown is like the reputation you have in a certain region of the world, and the more renown you have, the more levels you will climb in that region to earn. unlock prizes of interest; such as skill points, increased potion charges and more.

play with friends

Diablo 4 is a solo experience, but the game earn a lot if we we support other players thanks to its multiplayer features.

  • Most of the game is designed for enjoy yourself as a team.
  • You can play up to maximum of 4 players forming a squad
  • If you play on console, you can take advantage of the split-screen local co-op.

Tea recommend If you have a group of friends, join them. And if you don’t know anyone who plays Diablo 4, you can still team up with other users.

Just open the game menu and access the “Clan” tab. There you can search for clans of players to carry out group activities with other demon slayers. You can even visit the main cities of Sanctuary to search other players with which to interact quickly. cities are like social centers where to meet others and chat with them or invite them to be part of your trips. do not cut yourself and make companions of adventures.

Helpful tips to keep in mind

Apart from what was said in this entry, here below we summarize some useful tips What would you like to know for your early hours in Sanctuary:

  • Potion Charges: Enemies and items often drop red potions to heal you (in some areas there are also healing wells that do the same thing). In the alchemists you can improve your potions.
  • Earn Mumbling Skittles: completing random events around the world, then find them in the Curiosity Vendor to acquire special items.
  • Look for Lilith’s altars: These altars are scattered around the world and are used to permanently improve your character’s stats.
  • Visit basements around the world: they are small chambers that can house content and equipment of interest.
  • Use the tabernacles: whenever you see one to receive a limited duration power up.
  • Harvest Herbs and Minerals: as you travel the world to store them in your inventory. You can use them in artisans for multiple purposes.
  • Your equipment can wear out: losing combat effectiveness. Do not hesitate to visit blacksmiths to repair your pieces with gold.
  • Don’t be afraid to sell items: and get rid of what is left over. You’ll be getting better gear often, so don’t hesitate to sell it for profit (instead of just throwing it on the ground).
  • In the closet and stash: You will be able to change your appearance and save objects that you do not want to lose.
  • Visit to the jeweler: starting at character level 20 to create gems and manage the gem slots of your items.
  • Create portals: to return to the nearest capital from where you are. The portal will remain open for you to return the way you came as long as you do not leave the city.
  • Keep in mind the difficulty of the areas: each time you access an area, its name will appear along with the recommended difficulty level (this is also displayed at the top right of the screen). Only visit areas that are suitable for your current level.

Of course, we invite you to visit the rest of the help articles that you can find throughout our guide to continue learning about the game and all its secrets.

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