The beginning of the end is here, Destiny 2: Eclipse review

destiny 2 has captured the attention of the followers, and that is that Eclipse has arrived to change the meta of the game in ways not seen before.

We have given ourselves the task of giving a long and complete expedition, until the expansion is complete. Eclipse/Lightfall has filled the game with news. Since, since the arrival of Destiny 2, we have seen its evolution expand with expansion, until reaching this point.

We’ve had our eyes on this franchise for a while, but it’s taken time to get to this point, so since the arrival of the expansion Forsaken We saw the first drastic change in the meta of the game where the most important was the implementation of the season system where today we have 4 seasons per year or as they say 4 seasons between one expansion and another.

In addition, with the arrival of beyond the light we have a new subclass that since the beginning of Destiny’s history, we believe that it was something that sooner or later had to happen, so that those who follow the lore of destinyit is here where we begin to see that everything has a reason.

In beyond light we have the subclass of darkness known as stasis, while, with the witch queenwe had a change with the crafting of weapons, which allowed us to unlock patterns that are basically weapon blueprints where by unlocking all of them we can change the perks of the weapon as it best suits our style of play, a tool with which players veterans could only dream of before.

The arrival of Eclipse He gave a world of change to the meta, especially compared to his other counterparts bringing us huge gameplay changes for Destiny 2 and learning a lot as we go along.

To be honest, there is something that does not end up convincing us, it is the story mode, since, although it clears up some mysteries, it seems to leave us with more questions than answers, although we must emphasize that much of what was discussed in past seasons is now we can see as palpable enemies within the game.

Each stage has had its complexity and difficulty, which as we know makes it an immersive game. For example, in the season of treasures we spent recovering the pieces of Nezarec’s body, which we know has returned thanks to the terraforming attack that the traveler made to the pyramid of the witness in which he was inside said pyramid, being This is a final enemy of the New Raid.

Now, if we remember, during the season of the seraphim, Osiris I was investigating about a hidden city of humans who were able to flee during the first collapse, which we found out to be Neomunaan amazing city that was hidden in the dark and since the collapse, had an impressive technological advance, which made them a more advanced civilization, compared to humans on earth.

It is then, that thanks to their technology they managed to create some protectors that are on a par with the guardians or in some cases they feel even superior, which are the Cloudsurfers. In which to reach Neomuna behind Callus We meet Rohan and Nimbus, both cloudwalkers, who will show us what Neoumuna is like, its people, and how they have existed for so long away from the light.

We also have little progress at the story level, so we believe that somehow during the next four seasons more mysteries will be revealed, highlighting that always in Destiny the story is not told directly, it always has its ramifications reading descriptions of weapons, conversations when doing missions on planets, when completing adventures and as exotic weapons adventures.

Now, if we talk about the level of gameplay, the new tether subclass is a delight from start to finish where we believe that Destiny has made an important change within the gameplay, but has managed to capture the essence that distinguishes it, giving new tools to the players, greater efficiency to move, among others.

I dare to say that this subclass is the best worked in the entire game where it gives us impressive mobility and attack combinations that I never really saw possible compared to the other subclasses, and to tell the truth, I did not imagine that they could be achieved .

That’s why, I think it’s something we could applaud BungieThe only bad thing is that it is somewhat laborious to unlock it 100% since we will have to farm many tether fragments to be able to unlock all its perks at the end of the eclipse campaign, but as we know in Destiny, nothing is served on a “silver tray”. ”…

We could say that more than a thousand tether fragments are needed to be able to unlock it 100% per character, so this is a lot of work, but even so, with its base state it is enough to be able to navigate and gradually get to know this new subclass.

This expansion comes with the new game advancement system where we can have a quite interesting level of progress, where we could highlight that veteran players will be able to appear in the “Veteran” grade to move up in each rank we have to comply with a checklist to meet to move to the next rank.

It should be noted that many of the longest-serving players in the community have loved the idea of ​​ranks, because it’s a checklist, so realistically that doesn’t measure true rank. Although we must admit that it is nice to see that your progress is of some use and not just for the mere pleasure of completing a list, it does show how dedicated you are to the game or how much free time you have.

We also have a new reward system where we can give and receive praise at the end of each mission, assault or raid to the people who played with us, where we have a kind of cards with a different meaning in each one, among some are those of ” good leader”, “fun” and much more.

I think this helps the community to have a better coexistence, since it is recognized for being one of the best video game communities, it is even characterized by being very cooperative, so a system like this helps to expose those virtues and be rewarded within the game, especially to all those players who support other guardians the most. Without a doubt, this new expansion brings us many more weapons and armor with new perks, as well as other old acquaintances.

Now, the duration of the main campaign is measured according to each type of person, in my case, it lasted 11 hours of play, but out there, we have heard that the average is 9 hours of play.

That is, just counting the main story missions, but apart from that we have a lot to explore, as well as a new subclass to master, new adventures to complete, new exotics to get, new lost sectors to find, and lots of replay value along the way.

Destiny 2: Eclipse, is so far the best expansion in the game, despite the fact that the Forsaken expansion set the bar very high. Eclipse more than delivers and leaves true fans and players wanting more of Destiny. There are many unknowns to be cleared up, so there is a game for a while.

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