The 300 gardeners of the Monseñor Tavella de Güemes school opened a new building this year

With the cutting of ribbons in the new building of the Initial Level of the school N°4135 Monseñor Tavella, the Governor Gustavo Saenz officially inaugurated the comprehensive renovation, refunctionalization and expansion works, which this year were premiered by the 300 gardeners who attend the educational establishment.

With an investment of more than $66 million, the Ministry of Education of Salta, through Ucepe, completely refurbished 2 classrooms with the addition of new toilets; refunctionalized the kitchen and management and administration areas.


3 classrooms with toilets, kitchen, bathroom for the disabled, gallery, SUM, portico access, training patio, ramp and playground were also built. For the primary level, a kitchen, staff bathroom and storage will be built.

In this way, the building with the expansion has 5 rooms with two bathrooms in each one, address, pedagogical office, administration, kitchen, toilet for the disabled, gallery, SUM, training patio, green recreation area with games and access. A total of 847.14 square meters was intervened.

The Governor was accompanied by Mayor Sergio Salvatierra, the Ministers of Education, Culture, Science and Technology Matías Cánepa and of Infrastructure, Sergio Camacho, among other authorities.

Agreement Upateco and Municipality of Güemes

In the House of Culture of Güemes, Gustavo Saenz signed the agreement between the Provincial University of Administration, Technology and Trades (Upateco) and the Mayor Sergio Salvatierra for the dictation of different trainings in the locality. It was during an act held at the Municipal House of Culture.

The rector of the University, Carlos Morello, pointed out that the object of the agreement is the implementation of the dictation of different training courses in charge of UPATecO, in accordance with the study plans approved by rectoral resolution and the training model of the Institution.

After thanking the Governor for his political decision and commitment to the people of Güem, the mayor listed the works that are taking place in the city and announced the construction of a shopping mall.

The dictation of the formations will be carried out in face-to-face or virtual mode according to the characteristics of each one. In the case of those courses that are face-to-face, they will take place in the town of General Güemes and will have the support of the UPATecO virtual platform.

For this, the companies that are part of the Industrial Park and the Logistics Node will be summoned to a work table for the preparation of a report detailing the demands of the private sector with respect to the training of qualified labor and future vacancy. .

They also accompanied the lieutenant governor Antonio Marocco; ministers and secretaries of the provincial Executive, mayors of neighboring municipalities, municipal authorities, provincial legislators and the community in general, among others.

Signature of agreement.

Delivery of deeds.

Delivery of 45 deeds

On the occasion of the signing of the agreement, the Governor also delivered deeds that correspond to the residents of the Santa Teresita, 1° de Mayo and Mataderos neighborhoods. He did it together with Minister Sergio Camacho and the Secretary of Land and State Assets, Esteban Carral.

This action is part of the domain regularization process carried out by the Government of Salta throughout the province through the Secretary of Land and State Assets of the Ministry of Infrastructure together with the General Directorate of Real Estate and Government Notary.

It should be noted that during 2022 a total of 1,508 Salta families received the deeds to their land.

EET Nº3.102 Eng. Nikola Tesla

The Governor also toured the construction of a brand new school building EET Nº3.102 Ing. Nikola Tesla, which has the objective of achieving the educational strengthening of the community, offering new infrastructure according to the social needs of the sector. In this regard, he expressed that “we are fulfilling the word given to the parents and the entire educational community”, when he recalled that a special request had been made and that now with the new construction “it became a reality”. On that same occasion, a commission of parents of students from the school approached Governor Sáenz to thank him for the commitment made and materialized through this new building.

More than $338 million are invested in this work for the construction of 9 classrooms, 2 sanitary nuclei for students, 2 bathrooms for the disabled, a Physics-Chemistry laboratory, a drawing room, a kitchen laboratory, a computer room, a spinning room, and tapestries. , Electronic Laboratory, among other spaces.

The total area to be built is 2,572.00 m2.

Technical school construction.

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