Take your game to the next level: Fernando Torres on dribbling | UEFA champions league

In the latest installment of his dribbling guide, Fernando Torres focuses on running and driving the ball. The Spanish striker, who helped Chelsea win the UEFA Champions League in the 2011/12 season, demonstrates the technique that helped him overcome some of the best defenders of his era.

At 38, Torres won two EUROs and a FIFA World Cup with Spain between 2008 and 2012, in the midst of a club career in which he played at the highest level with Atlético and Liverpool, in addition to the aforementioned Chelsea. The key to his ability to prowl the opposing areas was his mastery of “La Croqueta”, the dribble that consists of quickly passing the ball from one foot to the other and moving away from opponents at full speed.

“Normally I have the ball and the defender comes towards me, and depending on the leg I’m on, I define which way I’m going,” he explains while guiding some futsal players in the execution of this technique. “If I have the ball in my right leg, I’ll go the other way. You always have to anticipate the defender’s movement and use it. Right to left or left to right, then forward.”

Fernando Torres dribbles past to defend

Fernando Torres dribbles past to defend

“Always look at the defender’s feet to see which of the two is more advanced,” he adds.

“It’s a move that seems very simple but is rarely used in football,” explains Torres with a smile. “I think we all remember my friend Andrés Iniesta doing it almost every game. It’s a very effective way to get rid of your opponents and move forward.”

“Forwards can also use it a lot when defenders are going to put pressure on them, and they can get rid of that marking and be ready to shoot. It’s a very useful move.”

Watch the video to take your game to the next level with Fernando Torres

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