Summary LEC Matchday 6: Fnatic wins and is excited

LEC Summary: Fnatic wins and is excited

redemption week for fnatic and with it the table of positions is tighter than ever. The League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) it finished the second week of its regular phase and did so with results that produced multiple draws. The top of the table is left with four leaders and the bottom with four bottoms. fnatic he completed his week with an amazing recovery. The oranges closed with a 2-4 in its global tie in the last position with mad lions, Team Heretics and excel. On the other hand, the victories of G2 and the defeat of Vitality put both teams in a shared leadership position with Team BDS and SK Gaming. In this article we tell you how everything happened in this Day 6 of the spring LEC.

The second week of the LEC closes with a quadruple tie in leaders and the same in the last position / Via: LVPes

EXCEL Esports vs. SK Gaming: SK saves a point in a tough LEC week

LEC week closes and SK knew they couldn’t go away empty-handed. The German team saved a victory in a nightmare week and did not lose track of anyone. SK returned to its usual rhythm and managed to beat EXCEL with a high level. Thomas Foucou «exakick» showed off with draven but the leading role was taken by Daniel Gamani «sertuss» with your choice of pocket.

He midlaner German destroyed again with akali and continues to make solid arguments that the champion should block him. sertuss destroy an EXCEL that had just won and restore order to the ranks of SK. In this way the German team manages to get out of a hard week with at least one winsomething that they will surely appreciate in the count at the end of the regular season.

MAD Lions vs. Team Heretics: The LEC runner-up with more doubts than ever

Total confusion in the lion colony, MAD Lions is defeated again in the LEC and does not raise its head. The spring season has been two weeks since its start but MAD Lions still hasn’t appeared. The lions fell to Team Heretics and the questions in some players stood out again. While Javier Prades «elyoya» cannot find a way to raise the level of the team, Team Heretics take advantage of the downturn of the lions and add an important victory.

The heretics are excited to get away from the last places and with two victories this week they go to the final with the desire to advance to the phase. The Spanish team beat MAD Lions with an amazing game from Jakob Kepple”jackspektra» who is being the thermometer of the heretics. When Jackspektra is good, Team Heretics smiles and as we discussed in previous summariesHeretics need to keep their marksman’s best form in mind more often.

Astralis against Team Vitality: The crimson star gives the surprise of the day

We are not going to fool anyone, even though many trust the level of Astralis and the method F1reLoL, few trusted a crimson victory on this day. Incredible victory for Astralis over Vitality with great solvency and the Danish team smiles again. Galactic level of Adam Ilyasov «LEADER» and Doğukan Balcı «113» to hit Vitality very hard.

Astralis surprised not only by taking down Vitality’s nexus, but the manner in which it came to this. The crimson outfit gave a real beating to a Vitality that missed Zhou Yangbo a lot «Bo«. The Chinese jungler failed to show up enough and little more than a heroic play by Kyeong Gyu-tae.”Photon» had Vitality. The game was completely destroyed with the Aurelion Sol of LEADER causing havoc in all fights. The Norwegian player arrived with the mission of raising the team’s level ceiling and he has done it in spades. Astralis he recovers from a losing streak and in turn puts more pressure on Vitality giving him his second loss.

Team BDS vs. G2 Esports: The LEC is filled with leaders

G2 run over victory that saves a game through the mechanical virtues of its players. Description according to multiple victories of the samurai throughout their history. G2 defeats Team BDS in an action-packed match and with the occasional incredible play by one of the members of the winter LEC champion.

Team BDS struggled but G2 held on for victory and plunged right into the lead of the LEC. The samurai ended BDS’s chance to lead alone. The samurai had an impeccable performance by Sergen Çelik «BrokenBlade” with Gragas. He toplaner Turkish-German made life miserable for Juš Marušič «crownie“, the BDS star. With their best player out, G2 needed little more to end the game and thus line up in a quadruple tie between leaders with a 4-2 in the overall.

Fnatic vs. KOI: Orange Redemption and License to Dream

The forces and illusions were recovered in orange territory. Fnatic defeats KOI and adds a second victory that invites you to dream of turning your reality around. The orange team easily prevailed against KOI in a game where we once again saw a Fnatic that is getting better. This time it was Iván Martín «razork» who excelled to give Fnatic the victory with a Saw It completely destroyed the game.

Fnatic ruins the perfect week for KOI but he does it to raise his own situation. The orange outfit seems to be getting into synergy, giving themselves and their fans the license to dream. Yes ok fnatic continues to be bottom, has tied with three other teams, so the margin of difference between being bottom and mid table is zero. In this way, week 2 closes and leaves a very tight resolution of the regular phase of this spring LEC in the last week.

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