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Until April 3, you can purchase the premium line of TVs with important launch benefits

Samsung, the leading company in the global TV market for 17 consecutive years, announces the arrival in the country of two new models Neo QLED 8K of 85” and 65”. These televisions have the sharpest and most detailed image quality on the market thanks to their processor Neo Quantum 8Kwhich is responsible for analyzing and scaling the resolution of the content, even when it was not produced in 8K. In addition, they have an ultra-slim design, mini LED technology, immersive sound and connection through SmartThings.

The new 65 and 85-inch models can be purchased from March 20 to April 3, inclusive, in 12 interest-free installments and accessing a digital eVoucher that will allow users to complete their Samsung ecosystem by exchanging it for the following options:

With the purchase of Neo QLED 8K 85” – $460,000 digital eVoucher

  • Sound Pack: Q930 Soundbar (free with eVoucher)
  • Phone Pack: Galaxy S23 Ultra (free with eVoucher)
  • Tablet Pack: Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (eVoucher + $60,000)

With the purchase of Neo QLED 8K 65” – $365,000 digital eVoucher

  • Sound Pack: Q930 Soundbar (free with eVoucher)
  • Phone Pack: Galaxy S23 256gb (free with eVoucher)
  • Tablet Pack: Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (eVoucher + $155,000)

With this latest launch, Samsung seeks to elevate the premium viewing experience by bringing users a Smart TV that adapts to every need and with state-of-the-art features that make content come to life like never before.

Many more details in the image

TVs Neo QLED 8K from Samsung go beyond a simple sharp image, incorporating a high-resolution panel with technology Quantum Mini LED of LEDs 40 times smaller than those present in conventional TVs, providing more detail to the images, with more precise black tones and strong contrastbringing much more realism to the content that is seen. Furthermore, he8K TVs have 33 million pixels, four times more than 4K models, revealing much more scene detail. Thanks to its exclusive Neo Quantum 8K processor, these displays offer the best resolution even when the content was not produced in 8K. This is because they incorporate the upscaling technology, that allows you to experience premium viewing by upscaling any content to enhance every visual detail and scale it up to 8K resolution. In addition, thanks to the connection with SmartThings, it is possible to experience the sensation of depth and realism of the videos recorded in 8K with the new Galaxy S23 5G, projecting them on these 65 and 85-inch screens.

truly immersive sound

The sound experience is enhanced in Neo QLED 8K thanks to the speakers distributed throughout the screen and the technology Object Tracking Sound, which makes the movement of sound follow the movement of objects and voices in scenes. It also has technology Dolby Atmoswhich guarantees a greater expansion of the sound waves, creating an enveloping multidimensional sound.

Connectivity to facilitate your routine

Neo QLED 8K features voice command to facilitate daily tasks. Through the voice assistant you can access the main applications, change the channel and modify the volume of the television, among other functions. It is also possible to enjoy the function Multiple screen that allows you to divide the TV screen into up to four parts to simultaneously view TV programs or streaming and video apps, the content of a smartphone, or even social networks and chats.

A new gaming experience

With Xbox Game Pass, Compatible with all Samsung Neo QLEDs, users have unlimited access to all Xbox games, without the need for downloads, storage limits or consoles. Neo QLED 8K offers picture quality like no other and a whole new way to approach gaming: with multitasking, you can even watch multiple types of content at the same time.

The new 65″ and 85″ Neo QLED 8K are available in the Samsung e-store, official stores and retailers.

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