Review WWE 2K23: still missing … but it is the right way

WWE 2K23 is the new annual installment of the game based on the American wrestling company. With Cultura Geek we managed to prove it and we leave you everything we know, in the note.

WWE 2K23 is the new edition videogame of the company World Wrestling Entertainment or WWEto charge of the company 2K Games. This new edition of the wrestling game brings great improvements in content, customization and history, but with great failures when it comes to representing its fighters. With the improved story mode system and the Added customize up to the brow hairs, 2K perfected the formula that they had been working on for years along with the possibility of competing from a warehouse to the biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania. His day of departure is not by chance, since the magno event will be held this April 1 and 2, at the SoFi Stadium in Hollywood, California.

The best of WWE 2K23

The best thing we can find in this edition is the great variety of fighters that we will have at our disposal, such as the Rock Johnson, the singer Bad Bunny, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Molly Holly, among others. The pre-sale and DLCs pack adds even more characters, having one of the largest rosters since WWE came to video games, with almost 200 characters to choose between men, women, legends and special guests.

The variety of game modes, ranging from a classic 1v1 until Royal Rumble, type of fight in which up to 30 fighters enter and the last one to remain on the ring wins. The great inclusion for these modes is WarGameswhere two teams of four fighters enter one by one in a double ring enclosed by a metal cage. This is something that 2K came to take notes and add to it. after great requests by the public luchisticwho wanted to revive this jewel created in the ’90s brought to the present day.

Lots of customization

He personalization system to create our own stars or modify the ones we already have in our possession gives a lot to talk about. By being able to modify each of our aspectssuch as the eyebrows, mouth or the iris of the eyes (even what clothes we will use at our entrance or to fight), gives a wide range of users to do what they want. This is something that many modders may take to improve the bare-bones attempts to recreate the superstars of the company, but we will detail that later.

With everything This system also comes with the entries of the fighters, the movements, the arenas, shows and even creating specific combats or champion belts. The system is reused throughout the game and it shows that it is one of the pillars for this installment. All this can be shared by the 2K servers, where we can upload our creations and that anyone can download and use them in their games.

So this has a story mode and other game modes, right?

story mode returns renewed to 2K, titled My Rise, with two main branches,The legacy” and “the lock”. In the legacywe are the niece of a fictional former WWE fighter and legend inside the company and we will try to continue with this legacy or make our way on our own. In The Lock, we will take a fighter who starts in the streets to the top of WWEor at least we will try.

In both cases, we will have various points where the story forks and we make decisions that will affect the next steps we take within the WWE universe. Social networks and chatting with each star or fan will also affect our relationship with the public and how they see us inside and outside the arena.

Be a McMahon and be the best

Another game mode that is back is My GMwhere we will take the reins in the Gorilla Position on the show and we will try be WWE’s most watched show. When you start, you will be given the option to choose or create a GM, each of them has different passives that will help you raise your numbers, quickly hire other fighters or get more money. What is new about this edition of My GM is that We can have three more people as direct competition, giving the possibility of competing with friends or against AIs.

After choose which brand you will representtouch cCompete against the rest of the GMs to see which superstars will be wearing your colors. After this, the show must start and it will be in your hands how the fights will be, what type these will be and other options to be able to have a better rating and win more public than your opponents.

Smell what The Rock is cooking, it’s burning

Not all that glitters is gold, that’s why it’s not all good things in this new 2K installment. The models of the fighters seem from previous generationsespecially when playing My Rise, where it is too noticeable that it is not his forte. Is a big improvement compared to WWE 2K20, where it was its lowest peak in performance and graphics.

He combat, which should be paramount in these types of games, feels raw and primitive, with a AI that fails to fill those spaces. Our recommendation is play with Joystick if you are going to play it on PC, since it makes it much easier although it is still moderately confusing. After several hours of trying, you can get your hands on it, but it’s still intricate.

After so many years with 2KThe old days where THQ had the franchise and delivered incredible annual games are still missed, until its bankruptcy disappearance in 2013. 2K, after 10 years of searching for the point, keep trying by bringing mechanics and characters that had been forgotten.

Ladies and Gentleman, my name is WWE 2K23

In conclusion, WWE 2K23 is very similar to its predecessor, but with new mechanics, a visual improvement that does not get to pass the last generation besides navigation improvementsespecially the UI. But still falls short with AI and facial expressions, that give the feeling that every character is dead inside. Both story modes are entertaining but obvious and the strong point the GMis the one that takes all the laurels in this new installment, along with the customization of everything we see.

He WWE 2K23 this will be available March 14, 2023 for those who pre-purchase in PS4/PS5, Xbox One, X/S and PC.

RELEASE DATE March 17, 2023
PLATFORMS PC – PS4/PS5 – Xbox One/Series X/S

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