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A Plus Japan, in collaboration with Capcom, brings Street Fighter Duel to Smartphones, a real-time gacha RPG. We tested it on the Moto Edge 30 Ultra and tell you how strong this combo packs in our review!

To ease the wait Street Fighter VIcomes to cell phones Street Fighter Duel with the iconic characters from the classic fighting game transported into the RPG world. A Plus Japan and Capcom joined forces to present this proposal where we form a team of fighters so that, through combos and abilities, we defeat characters controlled by the AI ​​or by players. And, like many titles today, recruitment is done through the gacha tool… Read our review from the hand of the Motorbike Edge 30 Ultra and prepare to fight!

surprise blow

ryu either Ken They are the first familiar faces we see, since we have to choose one of them to be the first member of our team. The base mode, called Challengeconsists of different levels in which you have to face various groups of combatants, with bosses and dialogues included.

In the duels, which have the basic blows automatically, you have to use the abilities of each protagonist and chain them to do more damage and prevent the enemy from defeating you. Unlike the fighting gamesthere is no need to make combinations of buttons, you just have to touch the icons of the skills (although you can put everything in car). However, to achieve this you have to complete an energy bar, which is charged with the basics and when taking damage.
Each lineup is made up of three “starting” members, one as a replacement in case another falls, and up to three support units that boost their teammates.

To dodge the KO

To increase our list of fighters, there is the Recruit option in the main menu, where by using special tokens or gems we will access the gacha with alternatives of one or ten rolls. In them, heroes and villains appear with different classifications according to their rarity (C, B, A and S), with classes (assassin, support, tank, attack…), elements (fire, air, electricity…) and fighting styles that they make them more or less useful for specific fights or to achieve better combos.

To power them up and level them up, you need to spend money and experience earned from winning matches, as well as other consumables to rank up and unlock skills. Likewise, each one needs equipment that is obtained by completing missions or by collecting rewards that originate while we are offline and online (represented on the main screen as chests that fill up while miniatures of our team defeat opponents). If we have repeat members, those “clones” can be sacrificed to improve the ones we already have and raise their rank.

More than one round…

In addition to the main format, there are other modes to enjoy. For example in Expedition there are variants ranging from survival towers, branching dueling paths with power-ups or changing difficulties, expeditions with prizes, and more. There is also the inevitable Sand to measure yourself against players from all over the world with rankings and even a battle royale.

In I trainyou can increase the stats of our members by leaving them in the Dojoto the Wake up with their replicas emerged from the gacha or by enabling new Ex-Move (equipable external skills), among others.
As expected, missions, rewards for daily or weekly connection, events and other typical content of this format cannot be missing, as well as micro transactions.

A Hadouken to the already known

It may be somewhat questionable for fans of the saga, but this new chapter brings some freshness with an identity that has changed. The combats in real time are dynamic and as the difficulty progresses and the need to think strategically about the actions are increasing. The fact of having to farm to level up characters makes it addictive and monotonous at the same time, as if it were a double-edged sword.

The roster of protagonists is really wide and they keep their voices to the delight of the nostalgic. The miniature models give it a certain tenderness and the animations have the necessary fluidity to accompany the bustle of the battles.
The simple controls and the possibility of passive play make it ideal for those free moments between activities. The rich content with modalities and tasks adds more points in favor and hours of entertainment.

How does it feel on the Moto Edge 30 Ultra?

He Motorbike Edge 30 Ultra with your processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8475 8+ Gen 1 built with 4nm technology and its 12GB LPDDR5 RAM memory will be like that full energy bar all the time, to give you the power you need and face several fights without problems. Due to its requirements, you will need a relatively powerful cell phone, so with this model you will have the right one for optimal performance.

In the case of the Edge 30 Ultra, the 6.67-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, a 20:9 ratio and 395 PPI allow you to fully enjoy the game, and the 144Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ with 1250 nits They guarantee you the ideal detail so that no rival combo surprises you.
If you use the aforementioned Moto, the 4610mAh battery won’t knock you out early and ensures you’ll have fun for a while (don’t worry, it also comes with a 125W Turbo Power charger to be back in minutes).

This real-time gacha RPG weighs 1 GB and can be downloaded for free at play store and app store.


Street Fighter Duel gives a fresh touch to the saga, beyond the fact that for the most staunch fans it can be criticized. It aims more at the RPG as its essence, but without neglecting the combos in combat. It incorporates the well-known gacha, with its varieties of characters and their consequent abilities and equipment. It has rich content, with game options for all tastes and levels of challenges, as well as simple controls. What do you think of this new course of Street Fighter?

RELEASE DATE February 24, 2023
SPECTRUM High average

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