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How can you remake a game as iconic as resident evil 4 without losing its essence along the way? The answer is somewhat complicated and even difficult. In fact, many would say that it is impossible. However, Capcom demonstrates its wealth of experience, which includes hits like resident evil 2 and some stumbles like resident evil 3, to give us an experience that focuses on the best elements of the original game and, at the same time, updates others that were once a product of its time. All this in order to avoid reinventing the wheel again, since such a task is impossible with one of the most important games in the history of video games.

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A gem that maintains consistency with previous remakes

One of the feelings that the remake constantly conveys is that it has an uncanny familiarity, as it constantly feels as if the locations have been visited before. Although the places are smaller, they are full of details and are claustrophobic, which forces you to always be aware of what is happening around you. In this sense, what worries fans the most is the possibility that there has been a cut in content, as happened in the previous remake, resident evil 3. Fortunately, it is not the case. For the most part, the course remains intact, and although there are some areas that have been removed or elements that have changed, the best elements of the original have been maintained. The progression feels more direct, with clever cuts that don’t affect the original path.

On the other hand, we notice that resident evil 4 it left aside the puzzles, which have accompanied the franchise for so many years. In the remake, some puzzles remain, but others don’t even appear. Although cutbacks have been made to maintain an elevated experience, some sections have also been removed entirely.

“It does not mean that Leon is unrecognizable, on the contrary, he is more handsome than ever, but he is no longer an accidental caricature.”

Having said that, resident evil 4 tells the story of Leon S. Kennedy, a former Raccoon City rookie who is sent to Europe to find Ashley Graham, the missing daughter of the President of the United States. Although the plot seems simple and predictable, this time you can feel a better narrative continuity compared to previous remakes. This highlights Leon’s evolution throughout the remakes, which is nicely complemented by Ashley, who this time around isn’t the princess in distress of the past. In a way, it represents the opportunity that Leon missed in Raccon City, which left him devastated. In this sense, the new continuity of the remakes takes on a better shape than the original installments, while maintaining the same tone.

This does not mean that Leon is unrecognizable, on the contrary, he is more handsome than ever, but he is no longer an accidental caricature. However, he hasn’t left behind his heartthrob essence with his classic one-liners after a battle or difficult situation. He is the same Leon, but improved.

This is reflected in the combat situations against the legions of Ganado that Leon faces, specifically in the physical feats he performs, such as the vertical suplex or the classic roundhouse kicks when enemies are stunned. However, this does not mean that the combat has lost its intensity, quite the opposite, now the confrontations generate more stress and are even more terrifying than before.

Same threats, new tricks

The Cattle are relentless and ruthlessly advancing, forcing you to constantly be on the move and decide whether to shoot or run. If the first option is chosen, one or two opponents can be taken down, but you will quickly find yourself submerged by the enemy or in a situation where ammo is scarce. With the second option, you will find that it is not the salvation you are looking for either, since the Cattle are voracious; You will continually battle them while trying to escape from them.

But it’s not the only thing, now Leon has an ace up his sleeve: the knife. This is still a support weapon, allowing him to hurt enemies while they’re prone, and even finish them off for good while they’re in the process of being transformed by the Scourge. Also, if used stealthily, it can save some ammo. However, what truly transforms the experience is the ability to deflect most attacks. This is not an action that requires ruthless coordination or precise reflexes; an accessibility layer has been added to make it easy to dodge attacks. But there is a limit: the knife requires constant maintenance or you risk breaking.

In this sense, the combination of weapons results in a formidable duo that offers a satisfying sense of power. We were truly surprised by the fluidity of movement when deflecting barely visible projectiles and pressing the knife button at the last moment. The impact generated was simply music to our ears.
In other words, the combat experience is unforgiving and constantly keeps you in a sense of danger, which is satisfyingly released when the surroundings are clear. However, the enemies are relentless and make you afraid of running out of ammunition, which doesn’t outweigh the challenge.

Improvements in the quality of life that are appreciated

The remake stays modern thanks to the removal of mechanics that were the product of its time, such as Quick Time Events, which we will talk about later. Also, Ashley is no longer a nuisance like she used to be. Instead of having a health bar, she is now incapacitated until you help her up. She’s more accessible and it’s not really tiring to have her by your side. Of course, you still need to prevent enemies from picking her up and carrying her away from you.

Another example of modernity are the missions that the merchant orders you. Now they are small side tasks that you can perform in some very specific locations on the map, which are less extensive than before. In addition, chests that are opened with single-use keys are added to these missions, which are scattered throughout the game. This adds some element of tracking to keep you always aware of the location of these chests that contain jewelry and valuable items that you can sell in the shop.

On the other hand, the absence of the outdated Quick Time Events (which in their time revolutionized the industry) has deprived the remake of certain moments that increased the dramatic tension. Without giving too much away, you’ll sometimes get confused thinking: shouldn’t there be something more shocking going on here? And when you go back to the original game, you realize that some parts have been omitted. Additionally, some boss battles underwent radical changes due to the removal of this mechanic, though they still remain formidable challenges.

As we mentioned before, some elements were left behind, while others were kept meaningless. In particular, we refer to the inventory system. As you know, the essence of the original game was that you had to learn how to manage the available spaces, like a Tetris game, in order to cleverly arrange your weapons and tools. In the remake, the system is still the same and intact, but you can also press a button to have items automatically rearrange. So what’s the point of this function? Honestly, we never found ourselves needing to accommodate a single item, even when we got a new weapon.

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Jewel that does not lose its luster

The atmosphere of the remake, meanwhile, is gloomy and blends perfectly with the gloomy, action-packed tone. At times, ceremonial chants resound in the distance as you glide down paths full of mystery. These places are where the new generation shows its power, offering carefully detailed views and settings. And after a fight, you will be amazed by the visual quality of the game, which is enhanced thanks to the work of setting, shadows and ambient haze. It is a visually stunning gem.

That being said, the remake of resident evil 4 it was just what we wanted to see. He kept what was proper and necessary, while he changed some things and left others behind. The franchise now has a new classic thanks to this remake, which serves as an introduction point for a new generation as it maintains the original magic. Even veterans of the game will find themselves constantly in a state of tension and fear, thanks to the fresh dynamics they experience while knowing what’s next. It’s exciting to experience the game in this way.


In conclusion, Capcom has done it again. They have worthily recreated a masterpiece that captures the spirit of the original and evokes new feelings that play with your expectations. This remake does much more than recreate the past, it’s an excellent reinvention that keeps the new tone of remakes high. Capcom has raised the bar on what is expected of a remake, while preserving an enviable legacy. Without a doubt, resident evil 4 It remains the genre-defining experience and one of the best games of all time.

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