PUBG: Krafton Revealed 2023 Roadmap and Has Lots of Content to Come – New Map, Esports Changes, and More

PUBG Battlegrounds shared its plans for the future with its 2023 roadmap. From changes to the games and much more, all in this note!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known by its acronym pubgannounced through an official statement the content that will reach the popular battle royale. Through the information published in the roadmap 2023we know that there will be changes in the normal games, ranked, the section of esports and a novel map together with a lot data further.

For now, we will begin our review of the normal or casual games. As explained kraftonthe devs of pubg are aware of stress generated by non-competitive encounters when in reality the objective of this game mode is to provide a more relaxed experience than the ranked.

To counteract the current present of the normal, krafton He decided improve spawn rates of objects, Blue Zones and vehicles. In turn, the intention of the developers is to avoid a early-game tedious where a lot of time is spent in the search for weapons and equipment and not so much in colliding with another squad.

In addition, krafton confirmed the introduction of a mechanic of Resurrection in-game (exclusively for normals). In the future users of pubg they will be able to resurrect their companions in a different way than Comeback BRwhich shares similarities with the gulag of Warzone. The new system will consist of survivors bring your fallen comrades back to life in-gamesomething that would be similar to what is presented Apex Legends with their recovery beacons.

Then we have the news dedicated to the ranked. Here it was established that the ranked will receive each 8km maps that has pubghowever, krafton He clarified that they will be added progressively. In addition, the objects exclusive of the normal As the folding shield and the grenades specials of the blue zone they will arrive at ranked and krafton promised to improve its rewardsalthough they did not confirm how they will do it.

From the side of the esportsthe idea of pubg is unify the rules of ranked and the competitive games for like that “provide players who demonstrate excellent ranked skills with a wide stage to showcase their ambitions to compete with top tier users.” from what he expressed krafton in its post.

The list of news seen in the roadmap 2023 for pubg also revealed the presentation of a new map. For now, the novel location maintains the code-name of Neon and its official description defines it as “a map that combines modern and traditional elements” of the video game

As a complement, krafton said pubg will change the way you rotate maps with a pack of 8 maps where they are included Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Taego, Deston, Vikendi, Karakin and Paramo (some will receive modifications in their structure, like the Survivor Pass or battle pass).

To end, pubg will have a Tutorial friendly for new players, it will introduce a system of clansthey will present the video game again in arcade (half of 2023), will make changes to ensure balance in the weapons of 5.56mm and 7.62mmthey will try to re-introduce rifles M16A4 and MK47 inside of the meta game by increasing the number of bullets fired per second and there will be skins that will change their appearance when completing missions. What is your opinion about the intentions of krafton with pubg in 2023?

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