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Written on March 20, 2023

The video game industry encompasses dozens of work disciplines and employs thousands of people around the world. In Misiones, it is a segment that is becoming increasingly relevant and the Polo TIC Gamer is one of the precursor spaces on the subject.

For more than a year, the gaming area of ​​the Polo TIC Misiones has been developing various instances with the aim of professionalizing the local video game market. The most epic moment to date was in November 2022 when the Polo Amateur Series #1, THE FIRST FINAL OF MISIONES ESPORT in the IMAX of Knowledge. The event was a success and had more than 250 players, 10,000 spectators and more than 10 brands that supported the initiative.

“We aim to promote the missionary talent that there is a lot of, not only in Posadas but also in many other cities and towns of Misiones. The ultimate goal is to employ these young people in this powerful industry, something that will be a reality in a few years because the province has a solid project to make it so.” says Carlos Lucero, general coordinator of the Misiones TIC Pole and second vice president of the Posadas Industrial Park.

This year the Polo TIC Gamer raises the stakes and begins a cycle full of innovative proposals with tournaments, courses and open talks. The wheel begins to turn from next Monday, March 20, starting at 8:00 p.m., with the Esports Week: Stream Meeta cycle of virtual meetings that will allow you to inquire about the different job opportunities related to the world of Esports, raise awareness about the importance of teamwork with health professionals, and strengthen the gaming community in Misiones.

“It is a very interesting opportunity, all the girls and boys from Misiones who like the gamer world have to take advantage of the talks to listen and learn from important leaders in the country’s industry and also from Mexico,” says Ian “Kissmyaug” Carruccio, former professional player and current reference of the Polo TIC Gamer. The meetings will have the participation of Martin Biolchi (Ch4kenio), organizer of events at GamerClub; Tomás Russo, Social Media Manager of KRU Esports; Lautaro López Echavez, esports psychologist; Alan Cru (Dalcru), esports influencer and Edward Crush, esports caster.
The series of events are free and do not require advance registration. Those interested in joining the Esports Week: Stream Meet just follow the Twitch channel /poloticgamer. You can also find more information on Instagram /poloticgamerv

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