Players Ask Apex Legends to Copy Overwatch 2’s New LTM

The players of Apex Legendsthey don’t usually save anything, and that’s why every time the game has a bug or they see something they’d like to see in the game, they let the developers know.

That’s why Apex Legends fans have long called for new Limited Time Modes (LTMs) to be released. In the past, spawn used LTM to test new features before releasing them in mode battle royale main game, and players submitted numerous ideas to the developers that they think would make great additions to the game.

Now, while Season 16 brought a rotation of Team DeathmatchControl and Gun Run, the community wants more, in fact, a fan suggested that the developers copy Overwatch 2 for the next LTM.

So much so that an Apex Legends player opened a thread Reddit on March 17, where user ‘wing6781’ suggested that the developers take a page from the Overwatch book and create an LTM similar to the shooter’s “Push” mode:

“How about an LTM similar to Overwatch 2’s ‘Push’ mode but with an Apex twist to it? Instead of pushing a robot, we push and protect a ‘Giant Nessie,’” they wrote. “It would be a fun and humorous way. Maybe Wattson could also have some special lines/interactions with Nessie and his teammates in this mode.”

Another user even pointed out that the mode would probably be a “W waiting simulator”, but it could be fun if the developers at Respawn can find a way around that not being the case. “Pushing in OW is 80% pushing back to the payload. It’s literally a ‘hold W’ simulator. If Apex can make that not the case, that sure sounds like fun.”

“I’d love to see what Respawn could come up with for the new maps – some of the OG Titanfall map design with the big titan-sized lanes and smaller corridors for infantry felt so good to move around in,” they added.

As always though, there were others who disagreed with the idea, with many noting how Push is one of the most hated modes in Overwatch. So it remains to be seen whether or not season 17 (which is expected to be released in May) will bring a similar idea.

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