Netflix wants more games to prevent the flight of subscribers

The company began offering games as part of the subscription in November 2021.

Netflix plans almost double the number of mobile games included in your subscription service, a proposal which is not as well known or used as its catalog of series and films, but which has survived many of the company’s cutbacks and strategy changes in recent months.

The company began to offer games as part of the subscription in November 2021. These are mobile titles that are downloaded from the application stores of Manzana either Google, but for which it is necessary to have an active Netflix account.

Some of them are closely related to the most successful series on the platform, such as stranger things. others are simply mobile games that already existed or adaptations that Netflix includes within the monthly subscription, such as Into the Breacha turn-based strategy game available at pc and switch, but that on mobile it is only accessible to those who are registered with Netflix.

In the year and a half that the service has been active, Netflix has managed to create a catalog of 55 titles, but this year expects to add 40 new further. “There will be new games every month,” they explain from Netflix.

In January, the company debuted Valiant Hearts: Coming Homethe first of three exclusive games from Ubisoft. Next up, which will be available on April 18, is Mighty Quest: Rogue Palacea looter game set in the universe of The Mighty Quest for Epic Loota popular free-to-play multiplayer RPG from Ubisoft that was active between 2015 and 2016.

Next year some well-known names will also arrive, such as Monument Valley 1 and 2of ustwo. The company assures that it has 70 titles in development and 13 of them in its own studios.

These titles will play an important role in the company’s strategy to stop a possible flight of subscribers due to the new measures that seek to end the habit of sharing accounts between different households.

Although in the past Netflix has not been concerned about this phenomenon, in several countries it has begun to limit the number of users to a single specific IP, thus making sure that the accounts are not shared with family or friends.

Netflix, according to its latest quarterly data, continues to grow in the number of users worldwide -in the last quarter of 2022 earned close to 7 million of subscribers and continues to be the service of streaming more hired – but company executives have acknowledged that the decision to curb shared accounts may take its toll soon. The company has also launched a cheaper subscription plan with ads to try to minimize the impact.

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