MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic Review in Spanish (Full Analysis)

MSI presents what may be one of the best quality/price mechanical keyboards on the market, its name is MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic. This keyboard will surprise you for incorporating MSI blue switches with clicky sound and at the same time a low actuation force of 45g, excellent performance in both typing and gaming. In addition to its complete format, it has media panel, padded wrist rest and a keycaps with transparent base to give us greater visibility of the Mystic Light backlight. It looks very good, will it meet expectations?

We thank M: YES your trust in us for sending us these devices for analysis.

MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic Technical Specifications


MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic He shows us in his rigid cardboard box an image with the lighting system working to demonstrate how striking it will be on our desk. Inside, the keyboard will be isolated by a plastic bag and placed on a cardboard mold that protects it during transport.

The content of the box will be the following:

  • Keyboard MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic
  • wrist rest
  • key puller
  • Documentation

Exterior design and construction

He MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic It is presented with a remodeled and worked aesthetic whose most representative element will be the plate, the area where the switches are supported. It consists of a aircraft grade aluminum block approximately 1 mm thick in metallic gray, and in a full format of 443 mm wide.

Despite the measurements, it is a keyboard with very tight edges to the area occupied by the keys, with diagonal cuts in the corners except the upper right one, which will be curved to integrate volume wheel. In addition we have a sloped front edge downwards to give us more comfort in the position of the hands whether we use the wrist rest or not.

The base cover and part of the edges will be plastic in an integral block giving a slight tilt to the keyboard in the initial position. Under the rear area is placed the cable USB mesh 1.8 mm long, which in this case is fixed. In the lower area we have 4 non-slip rubber supports, two of them being extendable legs with an additional tilt position. We also see several channels through which to route the USB cable.

We have one good build overall at least in terms of robustness and aesthetics, but inside it seems not have any type of padding. At the end of travel of the switches we notice the hard surface of the base and a typical plastic noise, this being the main point to improve in this section.

As a detail that is appreciated for the price, an excellent wrist rest with plastic chassis and 9 mm deep upper padding. It does not have an anchoring system for the keyboard, we will only place it next to it, but the multiple non-slip rubber feet will take care of leaving it well attached to the ground. The best thing about it is its padded surface, with foam and faux fur cover offering excellent comfort for the palm of the hands.

Keycaps with transparent base

As if it were a custom keycaps kit MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic enter some new keys with transparent base to give much more presence to the Mystic Light RGB lighting system which integrates into every mechanical switch. On the other hand the design is common and current with concave surface 12 x 14 mm generating a small concave curvature between the rows to better accommodate the hands.

The transparent design can have a negative aspect in terms of construction quality and screen printing of the characters, since in this case they are not double-shot keys. On the lower transparent structure, another piece has been glued on the upper part, this one made of translucent plastic covered by a layer of paint where the character is screen printed. This system offers superior surface wear than PBT and double-shot systems.

The font adopted for the characters is the same as for other MSI models, futuristic-inspired, thick and easy to read, although it will be a matter of taste which one we find more beautiful or ugly. Under the main characters we find double feature on keys where it exists, so these they will also light up perfectly. These keys will be some F, the middle block of keys and the arrow keys to control the entire onboard lighting system.

I personally like full format keyboardsparticularly those who have ISO layout with full Enter key. If you also add multimedia panelia like this, we will practically have everything for games, office automation and multimedia. This panel located in the upper corner consists of buttons to go from song play/pause, mute and volume.

Switches built by MSI

The best way to save on costs is to develop your own switches and not buy them from another brand, so this is what the Taiwanese brand has done for its MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic, which will undoubtedly be one of the many models to look forward to from here on out. These switches have come to life with the collaboration of Kailh.

This unit includes the MSI SonicBluesome switches that generate a clicky sound when pressed, but at the same time it requires only 45 gf as actuating force. In addition we have a 1.4mm trigger travel and 3.5mm total travelwide enough so that the fastest fingers do not need to reach the full stroke and can be typed with great speed.

MSI claims to have one of the fastest switches in the worldand for this he has made sure to give us a spring with a rapid rebound towards the initial position that at its end of travel exerts almost 80 gf for the return. To ensure the RGB lighting output, the switch dome will be transparent, revealing the mechanism quite well. we have 1000 Hz polling rate and Anti-Ghosting system with detection of number of presses to go from 6 keys to N-Key Rollover thus avoiding unexpected pulsations.

The crosshead where the key is fixed presents relatively high clearance, making typing noise higher and stability not particularly good, but not unlike most mechanical switches with this type of system. As we have already mentioned at the beginning, it’s a noisy keyboard especially at the end of the run, although its clicky is quite smooth and without ping effect, so in this aspect, it becomes pleasant.

control software

The Mystic Light lighting system of the MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic has a total of 11 preset effects and stored in its internal memory, which we can manage in terms of brightness, speed, direction and color from the keyboard itself. If we want more options, then we will install MSI Center from the Microsoft store.

In this way we will also access the creation of macros for games or applications, and the section Mystic Light by software to add more effects. can be stored up to 3 profiles in the keyboard memory. It doesn’t seem to support keymapping or secondary functions, but it does we have key-by-key lighting customization.

It has happened to us that having such a visible lighting system and little black key surface, it will sometimes be difficult to see the keys clearly for those who type by looking. This is easily fixed by lowering the brightness level a bit and adopting a fixed color effect.

Final words and conclusion about the MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic

MSI presents what will be one of their keyboards with the best value for moneywhich unifies striking aesthetics, good construction quality, mechanical switches and striking lighting system thanks to transparent base keycaps. The full format will not be the most versatile, but for use in office automation and multimedia, as well as games, it will come in handy if we have a large desk.

The first advantage that we see in this model would be the Lighting systemvery showy and powerful, with key-by-key management from MSI Center and up to 11 memorized effects. The mechanical switches They are also of good quality. very fast and with a pleasant clicky sound for those who like it, it was about time MSI had good switches of its own. He aluminum plate It is robust, and it also includes a multimedia panel and padded wrist restsomething that is not usual in its price range.

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there are also some details that can be improvedbeing the main one no interior padding causing the end of travel of the keys to be quite noisy and dry. This kind of keys without Double-shot system will have more wear of character, and the scion has more stagger than we would like on the key. They are not serious problems for what we will explain below.

He The price of this MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic will be only €114.90, a good figure for a keyboard with similar characteristics. For this reason, the details to be improved have less weight than their advantages, since the manufacturer does not pretend that it is a very high-end product, however the performance it gives is higher than its cost, For this reason, it will be a recommended purchase for those who want to enter the world of mechanical keyboards and experience its advantages.




The Professional Review team gives you:

DESIGN – 91%



SILENT – 83%

PRICE – 88%

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